Streaming Car Lights - KX

Enable Real-time Decision-making Powered by the World’s Fastest Time-series Database.

Streaming Car Lights - KX

KX solutions enable real time decision-making driven by streaming and historical data for continuous and contextual intelligence. Powered by kdb+, the world’s fastest time-series database, KX solutions and support services accelerate your time to value by enabling data scientists and developers to quickly develop and deliver business-critical applications and insights.


Explore how the fastest and most efficient time-series analytics for developers and data science professionals helps accelerate modeling, deliver analytics rich with deep historical context, and manage, analyze, and visualize data for Capital Markets.


Transformative, open, and scalable platform that uniquely futureproofs against evolving trading risk and regulatory obligations.
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KX Surveillance

Quant Research

Manage and analyze data in real-time to accelerate quantitative research modeling and strategies to optimize trading outcomes.
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accelerates quants

Trading Analytics

Modernize and futureproof data management & engineering for unified, resilient, scalable, real-time analytics & reporting.
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trading analytics

FX Solutions

Trading, analytics, algorithmic, and surveillance modules – as a unified solution or to augment an existing eFX infrastructure.
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Discover how KX helps data science professionals find the maximum value from their data to optimize performance and efficiencies across telecom networks and manufacturing plants, motorsports and healthcare, smart cities, energy grids, and more.

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Time series data management & analytics to accelerate R&D and optimize performance for motorsports and connected vehicles.
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Energy & Utilities

Optimize IoT applications and service delivery with scalability to easily support millions of sensors and measurement devices.
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powers utlities

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Real-time insight into productivity and efficiency across resources, production lines, plants,
and people.

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Low latency data analytics improves network performance, customer experience & optimize services at the edge.
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empowers Telcos


Leverage decades of experience and the expertise of q, kdb+, and KX Insights experts, plus thousands of resources to help you make the most of your current and future KX deployment.

Technical Support
24/7 KX software support, cost-effective, guaranteed response, from best available q-programmers.
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technical support

Project consulting, architectural and design workshops, customized training, support, and staff augmentation.
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KX Services

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Unleash the power of the world’s fastest streaming data analytics platform.