Context Aware Manufacturing in Real-time

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Webinar Overview

Making quick and contextual decisions in real-time is the new frontier in a manufacturing sector going through rapid modernization….

However, discrete and process manufacturers face many challenges along this modernization journey – learning best practices from a pandemic that has not yet passed, overcoming supply chain disruptions, rising component and commodity prices, fluctuating energy prices, geopolitical unrest, and reducing the costs of stricter environmental and legislative regulations.

One thing manufacturers are not short of – is data. It oozes from every sensor, machine, process, plant, supplier, and customer. But few manufacturers can effectively consolidate or manage their data, let alone extract the value and insight needed for decisions that drive productivity or efficiency gains.

Utilizing and connecting the dots across all available data from any source and any location – in the cloud, on-premise, and at the edge – in real-time, opens the door to immediate efficiency gains and accelerates your journey to enhance business agility and customer experience. This webinar explores the trends driving innovative thinking within the sector and will present four ways that you can find the efficiencies you need through real-time data.


Hosted by:

  • Nick Laurence, VP, Marketing Communications, KX


Expert Speaker:

  • Vats Vana, Vice President IoT Strategy & Products, KX