ADSS leverages KX real-time data platform to accelerate its transformational growth strategy.

ADSS leverages KX real-time data platform to accelerate its transformational growth strategy


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Founded in 2010, Abu Dhabi-based ADSS is one of the largest trading platforms by volume in the Middle East, offering more than 2,700 financial instruments across a wide range of CFDs including currencies, indices, commodities and other financial asset classes.


ADSS’ commitment to delivering the highest quality products within a robust culture of risk and compliance has made it a trusted partner for institutional, private and retail clients around the world. To support its recently launched transformational growth strategy and offer its clients greater access to liquidity and a broader range of financial instruments, ADSS is making significant investments in partnering with top tier technology providers to develop proprietary data processes and multi-asset trading platforms.

Simple Data Management

Pro-active customer management through fast centralized access to data.

Fast Decision-making

Ability to act at speed and with confidence in a dynamic trading market.

Data Volumes at Speed

+30m order events tracked in real-time throughout 2021.


The ever-present challenge for ADSS is to ensure confidence in its data and that insights can be acted on in the shortest possible time frame.


With markets operating in microseconds, ADSS is constantly gathering and analyzing data to deliver better customer service, drive enhanced outcomes for clients, increase operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance. To deliver the best possible outcomes, real-time data is compared with historic data for in-the-moment analysis, with those insights being made available to colleagues across the ADSS business, not just the Quant teams.


As a leader in real-time data analytics, KX was selected for its performance and scalability, interoperability with existing systems and programming languages in use across ADSS, such as Python, C++, Java and SQL, and its suitability for a range of critical use cases.


Built on the world’s fastest time-series database (kdb+), KX is designed to handle massive amounts of data, no matter the format or location, unlike many data warehouse solutions that struggle to deliver insights in the time frames demanded by the financial services sector. Additionally, KX’s powerful visualization and dashboard capabilities are critical in helping ADSS deliver against its stated goal to democratise access to data across its entire business.

KX also enables comprehensive algorithmic risk management capabilities that have enabled ADSS to better automate and standardise its risk management processes through enhanced speed of execution.

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