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Leverage the Microsecond Mindset in the Cloud

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BWT Alpine F1 Racing Car Racing - KX

Hear fresh insights from Alpine F1, Google Cloud and Keysight Technologies on using real-time streaming analytics in the cloud.

Successful data-driven organizations apply a Microsecond Mindset – a focus on the speed of data analysis for business-critical decisions where timing matters.

Watch as Nathan Sykes, Chief Data Officer of the Alpine F1 Team, shares how real-time data drives competitive advantage in a world where winning is measured in fractions of a second.

Panel Session

For the panel session hosted by Kathy Schneider, CMO at KX, Nathan is joined by Ashish Majmundar, Global Head of Capital Markets, Google Cloud, Daniel Mak, Senior R&D Director, Keysight Technologies and Dan Seal, SVP Streaming Analytics, KX.

Listen as the panellists discuss how to leverage real-time data analytics in the cloud to outpace the competition, the migration of data analytics to the cloud and how the conversation has shifted from “why?” to “how?”

As part of the webinar Vincent Lam, VP Product Marketing at KX, gives an introduction to KX Insights, the newly launched cloud-first streaming analytics platform from KX.

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