BWT Alpine F1® Team is all about speed and data.

Whether performing millions of simulations during R&D or analyzing streaming data from cars on the track, “quick data access, quick data analysis, quick decisions” is how BWT Alpine F1 Team gets its competitive edge with KX Insights.



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KX is the Official Supplier of Real-time Data Analytics to BWT Alpine F1 Team – enabling real-time data capture and analysis of millions of data points to power their competitive edge.



Provides a single source of data from the wind tunnel, test rigs, and dynos.



Compare car telemetry to historical simulations in real-time.



Runs on Microsoft Azure for rapid deployment and scale.

When winning is measured in fractions of a second, making split-second decisions gives the team a real competitive advantage.


In its historic iterations, BWT Alpine F1 Team has competed in Formula 1 since 1977, starting more than 400 Grands Prix, winning 35 races, and claiming world championship titles in 2005 and 2006.

For several years, BWT Alpine F1 Team has utilized KX across the entire organization, in France for the power unit and in the UK for chassis and transmission, capturing and analyzing data across driver simulators, wind-tunnels, dynos, telemetry instruments, and sensors.

KX has become BWT Alpine F1 Team’s data science platform of choice, helping spot and react to problems before they happen, and identify opportunities to increase performance – in milliseconds.

In late 2020, BWT Alpine F1 Team signed a global enterprise deal for KX Insights to run on Microsoft Azure, enabling BWT Alpine F1 Team to scale up its real-time decision-making capabilities rapidly, and implement an operating model of continuous actionable business intelligence for enhanced performance both on and off the track.


Video Interview with Bob Bell, Strategic Advisor, BWT Alpine F1 Team

“The KX toolset – it isn’t literally just like a tool that you take out of a box, and you apply it to a problem. It’s much bigger than that. It does affect how you go thinking about your business. How you structure your business. How you approach it. And with that mindset, and if you adopt that mindset and you use it as an enabler to do other things, it will change the fabric of your business.”

Interview with Sergio Rodriguez, Data Science and Engineering Manager, BWT Alpine F1 Team

Sergio Rodriguez discusses the track and factory data challenges unique to Formula One teams, and how BWT Alpine F1® Team have benefitted from the relationship with KX as their official supplier of real-time data analytics. “We burst a lot of data – billions of data points…”

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