Kdb Insights provides full life-cycle data ingestion, analytics, enrichment, and storage to streamline data management for faster business insights.

It also includes tools for data exploration, visualization, integration, and querying access data sets – both real-time for immediacy and historical for context – along with supporting tools for operation and support. Delivering it all as one software stack significantly reduces the total cost of ownership by making deployment easier, minimizing hardware requirements, and simplifying maintenance.

Within the single environment, units of functionality are delivered as microservices, self-contained units that can be quickly and easily orchestrated into applications, all benefiting automatically from the supporting scalability and fault-tolerance of cloud-based protocols.

Event capture, logging, and time-stamping

In-memory Complex Event Processing & query optimization across both streaming & historical data

Gateway access and query routing for distributed processing and load balancing

Data compression and persistence along with tiering, aging, archiving, and migration

Query, transform, share and present live data insights

Data management

Data management

These services enable non-developers to import, transform and visualize new datasets and share results without the need to develop complex access, tracking, and location mechanisms.

Advanced Analytics

Combining streaming and historical data in one platform enables trend analysis that adds context to real-time updates for rights insights, and eliminates the development and maintenance overhead of replicated queries and analytics on separate systems.

An intuitive user interface supports the creation and deployment of data pipelines for defining ingestion, transformation, analytics, ML models, and storage that can be reused across multiple environments, whether in the cloud, on-prem or at the edge. The interface then enables data scientists to easily load, transform, query, and visualize massive datasets in near real-time.

Functionality includes:

  • Creating and deploying data pipelines that include ingestion, transformation, analytics, ML models, and storage; and exporting them to other deployments for reuse and consistency
  • Library of mathematical and statistical analytics functions
  • Date validation, cleansing, and normalization
  • Querying, sorting and bucketing techniques optimized for time-series data with columnar storage
  • Data import & export UI for easier data capture, transformation and enrichment
  • A development environment with additional tools for creating, editing, debugging, testing, and versioning applications
  • An integrated dashboards visualization layer for exploring and presenting data



Dynamic scalability from single-node deployments to globally distributed, multi-cloud hybrid environments ensures continuity of performance even under high volume, extreme processing conditions. For fault tolerance in non-cloud environments, KX also supports high-availability cluster configurations with node-level quorum capabilities that provide resilience in the face of network failures.

Kdb Insights implements best practices for security, including Keycloak for single sign-on user authentication and role-based access control for authorization. Monitoring capabilities help clients ensure their day-to-day operations run smoothly and on schedule with dashboards and alerts conveying current status. Users can also export performance and application metrics to integrate with incumbent systems such as Prometheus as part of their enterprise-wide monitoring.



Unleash the power of the world’s fastest streaming data analytics engine.