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  • a high-performance cross-platform time series columnar database.
  • an in-memory compute engine.
  • a real-time streaming processor.
  • an expressive query and programming language called q, optimized for time series analytics and vector operations.

The kdb+ Personal Edition license is valid for personal use only. The license is valid for 12 months and requires an internet connection.

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Industry Performance Benchmarks

STAC-M3 – The industry standard testing solution for high-speed analytics on tick-by-tick market data.

STAC-M3 represents a truly independent set of benchmarks for the financial services industry and bypasses all proprietary benchmarking tooling used by technology vendor.

“kdb+ provides the fastest execution for 98% of STAC-M3 queries”

STAC-M3 Performance Benchmark for Time Series Data - KX


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