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INDUSTRY Telecommunications

Telefónica de España provides telecommunications services to over 50 million mobile users, 20 million residential users and hundreds of thousands of enterprises.

The network is large, complex, and in continuous evolution, as it caters for increasing demands over its vast catalog of services.

As a result, it generates correspondingly large and complex volumes of data. This data, if correctly managed and analyzed, can help in optimizing the network performance. For example, Mobile Access, which is responsible of the dialogue between the mobile devices and the network, generates an enormous quantity of data related to the quality of the communications.

KX provides those real-time capabilities across data from multiple sources. From single cells to the entire network, from the last hour to any time window over many years of historical data, it captures, analyzes and stores all the requisite data upon which well-informed strategic decisions on network operations and its evolution are made.


Ability to collate multiple sources of data and systems


Producing real-time insights from single nodes to the entire network for any timespan



Informing the network strategy decision-making process with analytics and actionable insights.


Deploying a telecommunication network is challenging – both from an investment and a time-to-market perspective. But having swift and comprehensive insight into its operation is key to defining an efficient deployment program and providing the agility to respond quickly to events. KX provides those consolidated views coupled with deep insights that enable Telefónica to plan, deliver and maintain consistently high levels of service.

The complexity of a telecommunications network and the diversity of components generating and consuming data within it make it extremely challenging to form an overall view of network performance and distribution. That complexity makes it difficult to assess the current quality of service and to predict its future performance. With hundreds of thousands of cells covering 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies, millions of fixed accesses providing voice and internet access from ASDL to latest FO technologies it becomes hard to answer simple questions like “What is my service like?” across different regions or “Where and with which technology should I prioritize new deployments.


KX provides the ability to ingest and instantly analyze data from multiple sources, network elements and systems to produce both short-term and long-term insights into the network as a whole and any component part. Moreover, it can feed other IT systems with specific sets of processed data to improve their operations. In that way KX helps move from having vast amounts of disparate siloed data to having a consolidated view augmented with analytics that provide the right insight at the right moment, facilitating the process of informed strategical decision making.

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