Kx Partner Companies Recognized for Excellence and Innovation

26 Jan 2018 | , , , , , ,
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Over the last few months, a number of startups using Kx technology have been recognized for excellence and innovation in their industries, including BrainWaveBank, 3DEO, and RxDataScience (RxDS).

RxDS, is at the forefront of new types of interactive data science software applications for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It uses Kx technology to power the Big Data analytics engine in its apps. Silicon Review noted RxDS’ rapid growth in revenue and customer acquisition in naming RxDS as one of the 30 Fastest-Growing Private Companies to Watch.

BrainWaveBank is an innovative start-up focused on cognitive health that has selected Kx technology to power its neuroscience platform. Using artificial intelligence, the platform analyzes large datasets looking for causal effects of cognitive decline and aims to assist in the development of drugs and therapies. Focusing on companies that have the potential to be part of the technology revolution that is reshaping health technologies, SiliconRepublic chose BrainWaveBank as one of Europe’s top 20 Health and MedTech Startups.

3DEO is an earth observation data specialist that uses Kx technology to provide rapid analysis of data from satellites, aerial platforms and unmanned air vehicles for multiple commercial markets. It has recently been given the Ones2Watch award to be presented at the upcoming DataSpace XYZ 2018 conference which is showcasing the most innovative startups in the space data industry.

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