Latest updates to kdb Insights enhance interoperability with Python and SQL

2 November 2021 | 2 minutes


KX continues to drive innovation and enhance kdb Insights to make it easier to deploy, work seamlessly with Python and SQL, manage diverse data sets, further integrate with more cloud services, and support real-time visualizations. We are committed to the vision of making it easier for more developers to build cloud-based, powerful, and scalable real-time analytics applications.

Simplifying stream processing
Stream processing is the way users analyze high-velocity big data while it’s still in motion, allowing users to filter, categorize, aggregate, and cleanse the data before it is stored. Processing massive amounts of streaming events and scaling according to data volumes is not new to the product. However, the updates with the stream processor service enable enhanced analytics that continuously monitor data and interactions enabling users to handle issues as they arise.

Interoperability with OpenAPI, SQL and Python
OpenAPI has emerged over the last 10+ years as the industry standard for REST. It’s a document that defines your API, what URLs are used, what format your requests are going to take and get back, and what type of response codes you’re going to get. KX has developed an OpenAPI server library for passing open API spec documents. All KX microservices use this standard to define REST APIs. This allows for more flexibility into communicating with other services like Databricks.

KX engineered as a truly Python-first interface, is an exciting development for the wide community of developers and data scientists who prefer using Python. The enhanced support for SQL and PostgreSQL enables a wider audience to leverage their existing knowledge and tools around business intelligence, data integration and data science.

As a result, you do not have to be a q developer to use kdb Insights. Any developer can have the flexibility to use an industry-standard programming language of their choice. Standardizing with an Open API server library opens the possibilities into other microservices and saves time. KX is now more flexible and easier to use, enabling more developers to utilize the power of real-time analytics with out-of-the-box support for Kubernetes, SQL and Python.

Kdb Insights provides a comprehensive streaming analytics engine with the flexibility and efficiency of running the application in a cloud environment. With the latest upgrades, KX continues our commitment to delivering fast, scalable real-time data insights with out-of-the-box compatibility and integration with existing data architecture and software development environments.


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