KX Whitepaper: Publish-Subscribe Messaging with Solace

24 November 2020 | 2 minutes

by Himanshu Gupta,

We are pleased to announce our latest whitepaper and particularly pleased to have, for the first time, an external author – Himanshu Gupta, Solutions Architect with Solace.

Solace’s PubSub+Event Broker efficiently streams events and information across cloud, on-premises and IoT environments. PubSub+ connects event brokers to form an event mesh—an architecture layer that allows you to dynamically route events from one application to any other application no matter where those applications are deployed (no cloud, private cloud, public cloud)—so you can connect and orchestrate microservices, push events from on-premises systems of record to cloud services. As companies recognize the value of decomposing monolithic applications into smaller components or services, where each application aligns with a business unit or service, they face challenges like sharing data and keeping it in sync as well as considerations like load balancing, cloud migration and external dependencies.

In this paper, Himanshu discusses the publish/subscribe (pub/sub) messaging pattern in general and outlines how Solace’s PubSub+ Event Broker can be integrated into kdb+ environments to address these challenges via the kdb+ Interface for Solace PubSub+.   

KX would like to thank Himanshu for this very interesting and insightful contribution to its whitepaper library and Tom Martin, KX, for leading the review process. To read the paper in full please click on this link





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