Now Tech Report - KX

KX Features in Forrester’s Now Tech Report on Streaming Data Platforms

13 April 2021

As part of their extensive reference catalogue, Forrester Research publishes “Now Tech” reports that provide information on established technology players to help potential buyers better understand their products and capabilities. We are pleased to announce that KX features in the Large Company section of their recent report  “Now Tech: Streaming Data Platforms, Q2 2021”.  Using entertaining analogies from the film “Top Gun, the report outlines the importance of streaming data platforms in implementing event-driven architectures that can deliver data instantly across multiple locations to achieve actionable insights and enable real-time decision making.

Criteria for inclusion are based on both market presence and functionality, not only in the areas of data delivery and processing of time-series data but also in storage, scalability and latency. KX’s long history of powering algorithmic trading in finance, as well as its widespread adoption across manufacturing, automotive and utilities clearly dovetails with Forrester’s recommendation that Streaming Analytics platforms are the means by which technology leaders can achieve continuous intelligence by capturing, transforming, enriching, and analyzing data in real-time in a way that traditional approaches cannot.

To view the report in full please click on this link