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Java API For kdb+

31 May 2018

In the latest in an ongoing series of kdb+ technical white papers published on the KX Developer’s site, KX engineer Peter Lyness has written about how the Java API for kdb+ can be used to enable a Java program to interact with a kdb+ process.

Peter’s paper explores the API itself, how it is structured, and how it might be included in a development project. Examples are provided for core use cases for the API in a standard setup. Particular consideration is given to how the API facilitates subscription and publication to a kdb+ ticker plant process, a core component of any kdb+ tick capture system.

The examples presented form a set of practical templates complementary to the primary source of information on These templates can be combined and adapted to apply kdb+ across a broad range of problem domains and they are available on GitHub.

You can read Peter’s complete paper here.