Introducing kdb Insights 1.9

Michaela WoodsDeveloper Advocate
3 April 2024 | 3 minutes

kdb Insights Enterprise, 1.9 introduces several core improvements aimed at streamlining developer experiences, enhancing SQL capabilities, enabling real-time data visualization, and bolstering reliability in transport mechanisms.

Let’s dive in.

Developer Experience Improvements for Packaging

Managing database configurations, pipeline settings, and custom functions has now become much easier with packaging.

Consisting of a deployment configuration, manifest and runtime components, Data Scientists can now create, append, deploy, and tear down databases and analytic solutions from either the GUI or a command line to simplify operational workflows. This accelerates the development process enabling local development of data analytic solutions and a simplified way to push to production.

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Streaming to Views

kdb Insights Enterprise 1.9 introduces the ability to subscribe to real-time data directly from pipelines via Views. Currently in beta, it eliminates the need for intermittent polling, allowing users to visualize data instantaneously.

Why Streaming?

  • Reduced latency: With streaming, there’s minimal delay between events occurring and users receiving updates, unlike polling where updates are only received during periodic checks.
  • Efficient resource usage: Streaming requires fewer resources as it maintains persistent connections, avoiding the need for frequent polling requests that can strain servers and networks.

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We would love to know what you think of this new BETA feature and invite you to provide feedback.

SQL Enhancements

In response to user feedback, SQL functionality in kdb Insights Enterprise 1.9 now supports ORDER BY and LIMIT clauses. In addition, changes to how SQL statements are parsed have made significant improvements to SQL query performance, resulting in in performance gains of up to 3x.

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Reliable Transport Enhancements

Reliable Transport now supports customized parameters when registering subscribers or publishers. This enables enhanced configuration of deployment orchestration.

Why Reliable Transport?

Reliable Transport (RT) ensures reliable streaming of messages even in challenging network conditions with full fault tolerance and high availability. This replaces legacy tick architectures used in traditional kdb+ applications.

Comprising of a sequencing, replication, and decoupling strategy, it ensures that messages are moved between publishers and subscribers asynchronously and ensures that publishers are not constrained by slow subscribers.

To find out more: Reliable Transport (RT) Overview – kdb products (

Upgrade to Insights Core 4.1.1 and Rocky Linux 9

kdb Insights Enterprise 1.9 includes the recently updated kdb+ 4.1 engine and with-it significant performance improvements. We’ve also updated container images to Rocky Linux 9 which includes updates to address security vulnerabilities.

For more information and detailed release notes, visit our official documentation. We look forward to your feedback and continued collaboration in shaping the future of data analytics with kdb Insights Enterprise.

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