Dovetailing Software – kdb+ and Spark

9 Jan 2020 |
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by Hugh Hyndman

Former director of Industrial IoT Solutions at Kx, Hugh Hyndman, has recently posted another blog on interfacing between kdb+ and other technologies. In this article, he likens the integration of software solutions in technology to the dovetailing of wood in carpentry where, in taking the right approach, both elegance and function can be achieved. In particular, he outlines how the storage capabilities of kdb+ and the distributed clustering capabilities of Apache Spark can be cleverly combined, using their shared columnar design to achieve higher throughput and performance than via a row-based JDBC intermediary.

We would like to thank Hugh for his ongoing interest and support for Kx.

Please click on this link to read the blog in full


Kx Whitepaper: Implementing Trend Indicators in kdb+

19 May 2020 | ,

In this whitepaper James Galligan, kdb+ engineer at Kx, illustrates how many advanced trading analytics can be efficiently implemented based on core primitives in q. Examples range from simple moving averages to more complex functions like Relative Strength Index and Moving Average Convergence Divergence,