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Announcing kdb Insights, the cloud-first, real-time streaming analytics platform

24 March 2021 | 2 minutes

We are excited to announce the release of kdb Insights, our cloud-first streaming analytics platform that harnesses the power of the cloud to make your applications faster and cheaper to develop, deploy and run. Working with our partners in Google, Amazon and Microsoft, we leverage their technologies for delivering powerful real-time insights on streaming and historical data, with unlimited scalability and zero maintenance.  

Among the many cloud benefits included are:

  • Native object storage, giving direct access to cheaper storage without requiring any intermediate third-party software 
  • REST APIs for quick, easy connectivity and inter-service communication 
  • Cloud authentication using embedded secure enclave that removes the need for client implementation
  • Docker and Kubernetes support for faster, easier and more flexible deployment of solutions in a microservices architecture
  • Packaging tools, including container templates, for streamlining the SDLC and enabling CI/CD cycles
  • System monitoring and logging based on cloud standards for ease of use and consistency with all other cloud services and application 

Kdb Insights operates not only on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, but on all public and private clouds and on-premises too where required, giving flexible portability across vendors and supporting hybrid configurations.

And you can install it now!  Just visit our partner marketplaces to avail of all the benefits of our cloud-native platform for developing real-time insights for your business.


Click here to learn more about kdb Insights



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