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5 Big Ways Real-Time Data Decisioning is Moving to the Cloud

24 November 2021 | 3 minutes

by Vincent Lam,

Live events are back!

We recently celebrated innovative uses of data-driven decisions together with JP Morgan, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and Databricks at our KX Live event in London. In front of a packed audience, we heard firsthand how KX is transforming companies in a real-time cloud-first world.

Here are some practical takeaways from the event:

Takeaway #1: Onboarding is Super Easy

The cloud makes it simple to onboard and get started with KX. AWS and KX demonstrated how quick it is to get KX Insights running in the cloud. In literally minutes, a complete KX Insights environment was up and running. As a cloud-first solution, KX Insights leverages AWS compute, storage, ML, and other services while scaling up or down instantly in a robust and secure environment.

Takeaway #2: JP Morgan Shows How Fast and Cost-effective Migrating to the Cloud Can Be

Cloud migrations don’t have to be hard… at least when we’re talking about JP Morgan’s experience with KX. Kevin Holsgrove of JP Morgan shared how their 4-month move from KX on-premises to KX Insights in the cloud was the fastest cloud migration in their history. Performance was unaffected. Users didn’t notice the switch. Infrastructure cost dropped by significant double-digit reductions.

Takeaway #3: HSBC’s Move to the Cloud is More than Lift and Shift

GCP and KX highlighted HSBC’s success in moving their on-premises KX workloads to the cloud with KX Insights. During this transition, HSBC was looking for more than just a “lift and shift”. They wanted to see a “move and improve” with KX in the cloud. Their expectations were well met with significant reductions in hardware and storage cost, less operational overhead, and seamless integration with GCP native services utilizing KX Insights.

Takeaway #4: Data Science is Easier with KX and Databricks

Interoperability is essential to unlocking the power of real-time data-driven decisions. KX and Databricks demonstrated in a live demo how simple it is to leverage SQL, Python, and Databricks together natively with KX Insights. The audience was able to follow along as code was executed seamlessly in a Jupyter notebook running in the cloud.

Takeaway #5: Cloud Services Make Surveillance More Effective

As financial firms face ever-increasing requirements with regulations like MiFID II, it becomes crucial to leverage best-of-breed cloud technologies for better outcomes. KX demonstrated its latest real-time trade surveillance solution with integrated E-comms capabilities powered by voice transcription in the cloud. In the interactive demo, a single pane of glass was able to correlate trade activity with chat transcripts to better detect fraudulent activity.

Stay tuned in the coming months as we continue to explore more innovative ways to leverage real-time decisioning in the cloud. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about KX Insights, take a look at these resources or click here to contact us.





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