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Time Series Analytics – Powering Trading Outcomes

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Woman at trading desk

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Webinar Overview

With decades of combined experience at the sharp end of the Financial Services sector, the panelists discuss the various requirements that make up the perfect platform for trading analytics. In more detail, they’ll explore how a trading analytics solution should:
• Optimize trading outcomes
• Be futureproof
• Deliver Best Execution

The team discuss the opportunities for optimization and its dependency on finding value from multiple data volumes – and how repeatable any optimizations are. The panel also debate benchmarking, data management, application development, data pipelines, transparency, and more through real-world examples.

We’ll also have a deeper dive into how TCA can be utilized as a tool to help traders and data scientists better understand how their trades performed and can inform strategies for improvement.



  • Steve Wilcockson, Product Marketing Manager, KX
  • Harry Darell-Brown, VP of Product Management, Financial Solutions, KX
  • Conan Hales, CFA, CQF, Quants Solutions Specialist, KX
  • Alex Weinrich , Financial Solutions and FX Specialist, KX