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Streaming Data Analytics for Cloud Based Applications

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Webinar Overview

Streaming real-time data in the cloud is the new frontier for IT leaders looking to drive faster business decisions and gain a stronger competitive edge. Join Vincent Lam and James Corcoran from KX to learn how streaming data analytics is enabling businesses to transform to a more modern agile data landscape as well as understand the simple steps developers can take to build powerful, scalable real-time analytics into their cloud-based applications. Our guests will talk through how to:

  1. develop simplified data management and storage processes for real-time data.
  2. deliver fully automated and integrated cloud services built for continuous intelligence in the cloud.
  3. design enhanced process and visualization capabilities to drive faster decisions from your data.


  • Vincent Lam, VP Product Marketing, KX
  • James Corcoran, SVP Engineering, KX
  • Nick Laurence, VP Global Marketing, KX