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Innovation, change and opportunities in the world of Best Execution analytics

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Webinar Overview

KX and BestX join forces to discuss the many tech, regulatory, and market factors that are driving change within Best Execution Analytics. Topics covered include the adoption of the cloud, regulatory changes such as MIFID2 and RG97, and process automation.

As BestX co-founder Ollie Jerome shares: “A lot of our very large clients have gone through a similar process of management change over the last two or three years where now you have folks from an Equity background managing the cross-asset desks, including Fixed Income and FX.”

BestX is a 7-year-old technology company that partners with KX. They deliver Best Execution Analytics to help over 30 banks and almost 180 of the world’s largest hedge funds asset managers clients to define, achieve and record a process of Best Execution across FX, Fixed Income, Equities, Commodities, Futures, and Crypto. They currently represent about $45 trillion of AUM (Assets Under Management).



  • Ollie Jerome, Head & Co-Founder, BestX
  • Raj Khokher, Co-CTO, BestX
  • Alex Weinrich , Financial Solutions and FX Specialist, KX