Manufacturing, Manufactory Data Analytics - KX

How Data-driven Innovation is Modernizing the Manufacturing Sector

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Manufacturing, Manufactory Data Analytics - KX

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Webinar Overview



KX is joined by NITC (Northern Ireland Technology Centre), Queens University Belfast and DavraTM to discuss how data science is accelerating innovation and impacting the evolution of the “smart factory.”

The presenters explored a variety of opportunities and challenges within the manufacturing industry today, including:

  • how to optimize process efficiency i.e., machine learning, equipment tooling, etc
  • how brownfield connectivity can add new value to older in-situ equipment
  • how a “digital-twin” can accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0

This session also examined why manufacturers turn to academia for research and how a data and analytics-driven future could modernize manufacturing into a truly digital industry.


Hosted by:

  • Nick Laurence, Vice President Marketing, KX


Expert Panelists:

  • Peter McToal, Digital Lead, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Gary Connolly, Senior Business Development Manager, Industry, KX
  • Anthony Sayers, Director of IoT Ecosystem & Partners, Davra
  • Vats Vana, Vice President IoT Strategy & Products, KX