7 Must-Haves for a Streaming Analytics Platform with Mike Gualtieri, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Is your business able to extract real-time continuous intelligence from your data?

Join us as Forrester Analyst, Mike Gualtieri, explores the seven must-haves every organization needs to think about when evaluating a streaming analytics platform.

Mike Gualtieri breaks down the key requirements all organizations need to consider when working with real-time and historical data to provide actionable insights and drive critical decisions.

Data is now at the heart of every organization aiming to stay ahead of the competition by making smarter, faster decisions. The explosion in data volumes presents a critical challenge and opportunity. Streaming analytics enables businesses to turn data into actionable insights that drive real-time decision-making.  However, all streaming analytics platforms are not the same.

Mike is also joined by our panel of industry experts for a discussion on how organizations are using streaming analytics to transform their businesses.