Dashboards for Kx provides rich visualization of real-time streaming, intraday and historical business data. The easy-to-use yet powerful drag-and-drop interface enables users to quickly build customized dashboards. Content can be displayed through a wide range of innovative widgets, enabling detailed filtering, aggregation and drill down.



Analyst For Kx provides a complete real-time data transformation, exploration and discovery workflow. Users can manipulate massive datasets without programming through the intuitive point-and-click interface. Analysts can use flexible spreadsheets to perform simple or complex analytical computations in real time, with full scripting support.



Stream for Kx is a proven data management solution that can be deployed locally, in the cloud, or as part of a wider Big Data architecture. With unrivalled performance, it allows firms to manage their analytics and visualization needs in a single platform, or as an ultra-fast component of a multi-platform solution.



Using Control for Kx, organizations can rigorously manage their application landscape. They can instantly determine what processes are running and who owns them as well as their parameters and functionality settings. The development environment provides a framework for extending applications in a swift but controlled manner that promotes reuse, imposes standards and improves quality.


Beautiful & Flexible HTML5 Dashboards

Clarity in business is critical to ensure your team share a common understanding of the goals to achieve success. Dashboards for Kx delivers stunning visuals in an evolving environment which keeps pace with your company’s growth. Building dashboards has never been easier; with no programming experience required your first dashboard can be built in minutes. Customization is made simple, from ready-made color palettes to optional CSS and HTML formatting, there is something for everybody. Dashboards for Kx brings ideas and data together in simple harmony.

Low Latency, High Volume Real-Time Streaming Data

As new technologies, markets and opportunities emerge, the need to manage ever larger data sets becomes more acute. Kx Technology data management supports hundreds of thousands of streaming records-per-second, with no degradation thanks to the power of Kx. Kx Technology’s ultra-low latency provides the speed necessary to deliver real-time data flow. Whether managing real-time financial tick data or real-world customer interactions, Kx data solutions ensures you never have to wait for an answer to your questions.

Analytics for All

Give your team the power to lead. Offer new hires the chance to make their voice heard. Harness the skills of your organization with Dashboards for Kx. Discover new opportunities in your data; take advantage of a full suite of tools with OLAP tables, multi-charts, maps and more. In-built custom components offer ready-made surveillance, tick-driven financial charts, and alerting solutions. Or take your dashboards to the next level with components developed in-house using Dashboards for Kx SDK.

Processing Efficiency

Powering business intelligence throughout your organization, answering the questions your business raises to give you a competitive advantage. Kx Technology delivers solutions across the business hierarchy; whether it’s delivering sales targets, supporting product R&D, maintaining company systems, or marking milestones. Kx Technology works for you from the factory floor through to the C-Suite.

Throttling, conflation by time intervals and server caching to support multiple users and achieve enterprise level scalability. Leverage Kx technology to bring together powerful data management with a smooth front-end experience.

Think, Compute, See

Analyst provides a collaborative analytics environment that allows both programmers and analysts to work with massive datasets in real-time. Data Scientists can query and visualize billions of records as if they are working with a few thousand. Working in real-time, analysts move seamlessly back and forth between compute-intensive queries or calculations and interactive visualizations. With Kx, analysts are able to tumble massive datasets using a “think, compute, see” paradigm to find meaning and uncover patterns quickly and easily.

Data Prep Without Programming

Kx allows you to import your data sets without programming. Analysts transfer CSV, JSON, XML, and ODBC/JDBC datasets using a point-and-click interface. Once a file is selected, columns’ names and types are auto-discovered. Naturally, the analyst can decide whether or not to change these properties before importing the dataset. The importer also allows you to sanitize column names should the analyst wish to use the dataset with the programming language.

With Kx Technology, analysts can make additional modifications to the data file without having to program. Analysts can rename columns, replace nulls, update values based on filter criteria, filter out records prior to import, set keys, set column attributes, change types and more.

Interactive, Real-time

Kx allows you to visualize datasets using a wide variety of standard charts or by creating your own custom client-side or server-side visualizations. It has been specifically optimized for large datasets. By leveraging Kx’s server-side rendering technology, analysts are able to query and visualize tens of millions of records in a few seconds. This means that analysts can now search for and find patterns in large datasets in seconds or minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Big Data Spreadsheet

For those individuals who prefer a more data-centric interface, Analyst provides the Big Data Spreadsheet. Using the sheet, analysts can load and work with billions of records in a non-linear format. They can work incrementally with their datasets performing analytical computations and building up queries. And they can move seamlessly between analysis and visualization.

Unstructured Text Analysis

Analyst for Kx lets you perform text analysis on structured, semi-structured and unstructured text files. Operations that can be performed include:

  • Group documents or tokens in a variety of ways using clustering algorithms
  • Find terms and phrases related to a token, or word frequency differences between document collections
  • Search by keywords, regular expressions, or by similarity to a document or collection of documents
  • Search with multi-token co-occurrence or lack of co-occurrence in an n-sentence window
  • Automatic entity recognition to find proper nouns, dates, times, phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, money, postal/zip codes
  • Parse dates, times, and money
  • Keyword detection and relevance ranking
  • Tokenizing, stemming and sentence detection
  • Create stop word lists
  • Manage and maintain complex multi-step search history and document collection histories
Unparalleled Performance

Stream for Kx executes queries and functions on commodity hardware at unrivalled speeds, providing the business with the ability to make more informed decisions faster and at a fraction of the cost of large appliance applications. Tickcapture and streaming data is analyzed and enriched in real time to produce live indicators of current conditions for further action.

Time Series Analytics

Stream for Kx includes powerful programming functionality, which allows clients to express and execute complex concepts readily, using a comprehensive set of key words and functions. Data management is powered by the market-leading Kx database technology, with built-in temporal data types and time-series query primitives.

Rich Visualization

Stream for Kx provides a rich suite of visualization options – business OLAP and BI dashboards that run in real time rather than hourly:

  • Out-of-the-box HTML5 dashboards provide feature-rich visualization and control tools
  • Dashboards can be effortlessly customized and extended for specific event processing, monitoring and research requirements
  • Dashboards can be shared across the web or entitled to individual users
  • Powerful OLAP drill-down features and query builders
Time to Market

Stream for Kx has been developed using an open architecture supporting easy integration to multiple data sources and formats:

  • Covers all major 3rd party financial data vendors, exchanges, liquidity venues and direct market access brokers
  • APIs to .NET, Java, C, C++, Python, ODBC, Matlab, Excel with Feedhandler SDK and development framework for bespoke requirements
DevOps Governance

Control for Kx delivers centralized configuration management, consistent development patterns and a governance framework for release management and version control. It minimizes the likelihood of intermittent shortcomings such as letting anyone logon, allowing the database to be wiped, hogging resources or failing to track user commands.

The solution also includes a framework for developing new applications, to ensure that they perform the desired operation without compromising existing processes.

Proven Frameworks

Control for Kx is a proven solution for ensuring that systems meet internal audit standards on application integrity, enabling visibility into what Kx Technology processes are currently running and a framework for imposing control on an operation. Kx provides both. In addition it provides a framework for extending applications in a swift but controlled manner.

Enterprise Features

Control for Kx provides comprehensive enterprise level functionality for deploying, configuring and running high performance, large volume data processing platforms:

  • Standardized logging and error handling
  • Process monitoring and coordination
  • Failover management
Out-of-the-box Analytics

An analytics library complements the process library by providing a framework for developing and managing analytics through an open API that promotes reuse, enforces governance, streamlines maintenance and enables quicker time to market for new functionality. Analytics can be deployed into running processes, meaning no restarts, less disruption to services and providing a medium for rapid prototyping.


Kx Technology is limitless in its applications, proven by developers around the world who are constantly finding new uses for it. Some focus on its streaming analytics capabilities and others simply use its historical database to give order to their large scale data problems. Kx extends the legacy of vector programming languages and listens to developers as we constantly expand its functionality.


Kx offers a 32-bit version of kdb+ for free so you can try it for yourself and see how powerful and fast it is. This download has all the compatibility and functionality of the full 64-bit version, and is for non-commercial use only. A Raspberry Pi version is also available. Click below to download Kdb+ today.



Kx technology is widely adopted through the global financial community, at banks, hedge funds, trading houses and exchanges. It is employed across the entire range of data intensive arenas, from high frequency trading to market data storage and analysis, as well as in risk management activities and throughout the back office.

Algo Foreign Exchange Surveillance RegTech



Pharmaceutical companies are using Kx in large-scale epidemiological studies for drug research as well as in sales tools. Easy to use dashboards for business users incorporate sophisticated analytics on massive prescription and pharmaceutical data. Further applications are being developed for manufacturing quality assurance.



Kx helps organizations harness all of their real-time and historical sensor and related data for improved operations, enhanced customer engagement and sale of new products and services, while augmenting existing investments in technologies and infrastructure.


Kx Data Refinery

Kx Data Refinery brings together all of the hard-won experience and battle-hardened technology developed by Kx for financial markets into a platform that can be used for real-time and historical data capture and analytics across any business vertical. Kx is no longer just about financial markets.



Kx solutions are world-renowned for their ultra-fast speed and extreme performance in building Big Data warehouses, analytic tools and rich visualizations. Kx for Retail offers a compelling blend of software and solutions, advanced analytics and expert retail consultancy.



Kx for Manufacturing provides a high-performance, cost-effective sensor data historian and analytics platform. It is a platform for ingesting, processing, and analyzing real-time, streaming and historical data from industrial equipment sensors and enterprise systems.



Kx for Space, powered by the world’s fastest time-series, in-memory and columnar database, provides a new platform and interface through which to access, and process, space data. Kx for Space is a high-performance, low latency data management platform with the ability to rapidly capture, analyze, store and visualize voluminous and varying datasets.