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    The real value of data is derived from the ability to sustainably capture, store and analyze data to drive new business insights and opportunities.


    KX is looking to partner with companies who are working to create growth initiatives that involve data-driven solutions.
    Significantly improve the performance, scalability and time to market of your solution with our uniquely integrated platform. 



    The KX platform is cloud-ready.


    We have established both a technical and services partnership with Azure to assist clients and are enabling them to execute a “lift and shift” of their KX deployment to the cloud.

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    The availability of KX on the AWS Marketplace enables organizations to streamline time to market, scale as required, and concentrate on business results.


    It enables customers to either sign up online with their AWS Marketplace credentials, or bring their own licenses and deploy directly on the AWS Marketplace. They can also benefit from the new kdb+ on demand licensing model directly from their AWS Marketplace account, and can use kdb+ on the AWS Marketplace for future container-based deployment.

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    Through Google Cloud Launcher, KX brings the increased efficiencies and scalability of the kdb+ database system to Google Cloud Platform, simplifying procurement processes and allowing customers to focus on building a successful business. KX was previously awarded Google Cloud Global Technology Partner of the Year for Financial Services.

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    Anaconda is the most popular Python data science platform provider with 2.5 million downloads per month and over six million users.


    This partnership is an outgrowth of the expansion of kdb+ into machine learning applications. Through the Anaconda distribution platform, kdb+ becomes part of the Anaconda Python ecosystem, making it easier for Python developers building ML/AI applications to use kdb+.

    Currently there are three packages available for installation on the Anaconda distribution platform, kdb, embedpy and jupyterq, which can be found at

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    Airbus is an international pioneer and leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a global scale.


    Airbus Defence and Space will work with KX to develop an innovative approach for large scale processing of geospatial data using the KX analytics platform. It is anticipated that KX and Airbus Defence and Space will collaborate with large corporates, research bodies and start-ups to help exploit this ground-breaking technology in markets such as energy, rail/civil engineering, natural resources, maritime surveillance, agriculture, finance and facilities management.


    BISTel is a leading supplier of adaptive intelligence (AI) applications that combine embedded human knowledge and advanced engineering automation solutions to help factories to better detect, analyse, predict, and prescribe solutions to complex manufacturing problems in real-time.


    KX partners with Databricks making it possible to cover all the use cases for high-speed time-series data analytics.


    This joint solution integrates both platforms for both streaming and batch time-series data and provides significant benefits to companies that deal with mission-critical data. We combine the low-latency streaming capabilities of KX’s kdb+ and q language with the scalable data and AI platform that Databricks provides. Institutions can unlock and accelerate innovation by taking advantage of the time-series data in the cloud rather than having it locked and siloed in on-premise instances.

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    DataRobot is the leader in enterprise AI and the category creator and leader in automated machine learning. 


    Organizations worldwide use DataRobot to empower the teams they already have in place to rapidly build and deploy machine learning models and create advanced AI applications. The integration of KX technology and its streaming analytics platform and DataRobot’s Automated Time Series solution leverages the speed and scale of kdb+ to automatically create, deploy, manage, and monitor time-aware machine learning models.

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    KX and Intel have been collaborating on benchmarking for over a decade. After the STAC-M3 benchmark was developed, together Intel and KX steadily improved their benchmarking results year-over-year using a wide variety of equipment.


    By running the same STAC-audited standard industry tests for over seven years, these results now provide a valuable look-back for the streaming analytics community to see comparable results on evolving hardware and software.

    For example, on one of the tests, which calculates a market snapshot using large historical datasets going back multiple years in multi-terabyte datasets, the latency has decreased by 98% since 2011. This is due to a combination of improvements in kdb+’s performance coupled with innovations in server and storage technology.

    The most recent Intel benchmarks featured the latest Optane DC SSDs, which have a completely new way of approaching data storage and access. They make a new memory/storage tier available for handling hot working data that brings the data much closer to the processor to analyze it more quickly and efficiently.

    Intel’s Optane Persistent Memory enables on-disk databases to run faster and in-memory databases to scale. In this release Kx extends its support for Intel’s Optane DC persistent memory using App Direct Memory mode, giving you greater control over the DRAM/Optane allocation of data. KX ultra high-speed performance – the fastest just got faster.

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    Keysight Technologies is a trusted electrical and electronic global manufacturer with more than 80 years of a rich history of innovation and over 1700 patents globally, customers in more than 100 countries around the globe.


    With demand for manufacturing excellence, Keysight partnered with KX to accelerate ROI in smart factory digital transformation. KX provides the underlying platform that enables aggregation of extremely large data sets, with low-latency that enable faster insights in a broader variety of industrial analytic opportunities.


    KX and Solace have long provided complementary capabilities for processing big data.


    KX enables organizations to ingest, analyze, and store massive amounts of both real-time and historical data using kdb+, while Solace, through its PubSub+ message brokers, enables organizations to efficiently distribute streaming information across myriad protocols, devices and networks. Their mutual benefits have been brought together even more closely in a recent collaboration to develop a PubSub+ API for kdb+ that makes it easier for customers to combine the technologies.

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    KX has been selected to provide advanced analytics capabilities within Survalent Technology’s flagship Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) platform, SurvalentONE. Under the agreement, KX will be installed on an OEM basis within SurvalentONE and those utilities that leverage its features will be able to analyse network behaviour in real-time and in greater detail for improved system reliability.



    CGI is amongst the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world delivering end-to-end services and solutions, including strategic IT and business consulting, system integration, intellectual property, and managed IT and business process services.


    KX has been selected, alongside its partner CGI, to deliver a next-generation electricity information exchange for a European transmission system operator.

    “With KX we’re ready to challenge the market and to move forward and use that real-time data.”


    Vice President, Consulting Services
    CGI Netherlands

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    TCS has been the growth and transformation partner to leading corporations across industry verticals, helping them harness the power of IoT, AI and Machine learning to reimagine their business models.


    Using its IoT framework, Bringing Life to Things™, TCS has been helping customers build predictive and self-aware systems that can sense and intelligently respond to changes in the physical environment. Under the terms of this partnership, KX will be used within TCS’s transformative solutions as the streaming analytics platform for the collection of fast-moving data from machines.

    KX Ventures

    KX is a strategic technology partner for entrepreneurs and companies seeking to build or grow disruptive technologies. KX provides financial and technological support which allows founders to concentrate on building world-class technology.

    KX Ventures

    KX is a strategic technology partner for entrepreneurs and companies seeking to build or grow disruptive technologies. KX provides financial and technological support which allows founders to concentrate on building world-class technology.



    As part of a global University challenge, the Formula SAE competition tasks students to design, build, and engineer a vehicle that fulfils the requirements of a potential customer.


    Starting from the ground and building up, each team optimizes their own design to compete against an international group of universities where they are judged on the cost, business case, and design itself before hitting the track for a variety of dynamic driving events.

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    Hosted in Silicon Valley by the SETI Institute, NASA FDL is an applied artificial intelligence research accelerator developed in partnership with NASA’s Ames Research Center.


    NASA FDL aims to apply AI technologies to challenges in space exploration by pairing machine learning expertise with space science and exploration researchers from academia and industry. KX is part of a group of industry-leaders, including Google Cloud, Intel, IBM and Lockheed Martin, supporting FDL.

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    The Earlham Institute (EI) is a world-leading research institute focusing on the development of genomics and computational biology, based within the Norwich Research Park in the UK.


    EI offers a state of the art DNA sequencing facility, unique by its operation of multiple complementary technologies for data generation. The Institute is a UK hub for innovative bioinformatics through research, analysis and interpretation of multiple, complex data sets. It hosts one of the largest computing hardware facilities dedicated to life science research in Europe.

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    The SETI Institute is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit scientific research institute headquartered in Mountain View, California.

    A key research contractor to NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF), which collaborates with industry partners throughout Silicon Valley and beyond. The mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin and nature of life in the universe and the evolution of intelligence.

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    The KX OEM Software Partner Program offers a range of partnership options for third-party solution developers who want to embed KX technology into their edge, fog, cloud, and on-premise applications.


    If you are interested in licensing kdb+ for commercial use, evaluating, conducting a proof of concept, or learning more about kdb+ or KX products, please email


    How do I qualify to become an OEM Partner?

    To become a Partner you must embed KX technology into your solution, but provide no direct end-user access to kdb+ and its programming capabilities. The following conditions also apply


    • KX technology use is restricted to the specific application, system or solution
    • The Partner is responsible for first-level support and all interactions with end-customer
    • The Partner is responsible for the implementation, installation, and support of integrated solution
    • The Partner must maintain separate development and test environments in order to replicate issues or bugs experienced by customer
    • The Partner must have dedicated resources trained in KX technology to support the solution
    What kind of pricing is available for OEM Partners?

    Pricing is aligned to the specific application deployment and sales model of your integrated solution. Discounts and custom pricing is available for edge, server, on-premises and cloud deployments.

    How much faster will my application be powered by KX?

    We see our customers with data-intensive applications improve their data ingestion, transaction, processing, analytics, retrievals by 10x to 500x compared to alternative relational and NoSQL based technologies.

    The degree of improvement will depend on the nature of your workload, application architecture, and underlying compute storage, and network infrastructure. Find out more on why KX is the world’s fastest time-series database.

    Do you have examples of successful solutions or applications?

    We have several case examples that fully demonstrate customer applications and success, that have been created or supported by partners. All presentations are available on request from our Partner Program team.

    What if I need help building and implementing an application with KX technology?

    KX can provide professional services to support your project. We can also provide custom training to your team to accelerate their progress.

    Application development accelerators are also available in the form of development tools such as Analyst, Stream, Control, and Dashboards.

    We can also provide custom POC’s on pilot or large scale projects, to demonstrate our performance. Once both parties agree on the success criteria of the POC we can provide resources to manage this or implement onsite.

    For a quick overview on connectivity, interfaces, interoperability, performance, scalability and deployment check out our KX FAQ. You can also explore developer resources and full documentation and reference material on how to get started with Kx here.

    Can I download kdb+ for free?

    Yes! You can download a free 64-bit on-demand version of kdb+ and a free 32-bit version, both for non-commercial use. Feel free to download either one, or both, by clicking here.

    Can I attend KX training workshops and get a discount on training even if I’m still going through the partnering process?

    We run free public/webinar training on a regular basis. Check here for the nearest event to you. Custom and on-site training rate cards are available. Training and reference resources can be found here.

    What support options are available?

    Standard maintenance support available on kdb+ as part of license agreement. KX can provide additional support to Partner under a separate support agreement.

    Who can I speak to if I have sales or support questions?

    Your Partner Manager will be able to work with you to introduce you to a specific account manager when there is a joint opportunity at a customer.

    Do your provide partner exclusivity for an industry or region?

    We do not currently provide exclusivity to partners for a specific market or region. There could be some exceptions based on further industry validation and discussion with your Partner Manager.

    Do customers need any specific licenses to use third-party software?

    Yes for the operating system. (e.g. Microsoft Windows, Linux) where kdb+ would run on.

    How do I get started?
    1. Fill out the form
    2. Speak to a member of the KX sales team
    3. Enter into an OEM license agreement with KX

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