New Edition of ‘Q for Mortals’ Now Available

23 November 2015 | 3 minutes

Palo Alto (23 Nov 2015) – KX Systems, a leader in high-performance database analytics, today announced the publication of “Q for Mortals: Version 3, An introduction to Q Programming,” by Jeffry Borror.

Q is the expressive query and programming language built into kdb+, the time-series database platform from KX. It is an industry standard tool in financial services for trading and risk management and is also used in the pharmaceutical, utilities, and oil and gas industries.

“Q for Mortals” provides this growing q programming community with an essential guide for practical information about using q and the kdb+ database. The book is available on Amazon. In the United Kingdom, it is available at Amazon UK. It will be available on other Amazon EU sites shortly as well.

The book’s content is derived from classes taught by the author at international financial institutions over the last decade. Technical explanations are augmented by mathematical observations, references to general programming concepts, and other programming languages. Coding style recommendations and advice to avoid gotchas appear throughout. A series of tutorials based on q snippets can also be entered into a q console for an interactive experience.

Simon Garland, Chief Strategist at KX Systems, commented: “The previous edition of this book has been on my desk for seven years. I am delighted to be able to replace it with the expanded version based on Jeff’s years of experience teaching and using q in critical, real life applications at one of our major customers. I recommend the book for programmers and users of all levels who need to know about the capabilities of kdb+. It is something to keep around and dip into for years to come.”

Dave Thomas, Chief Scientist at FD Labs, commented: “This is the must-have book for all kdb+ professionals. The best developers know a good program has to be written at least twice. Hence they will all appreciate the effort that Jeff has put into writing his new edition. Already the working kdb+ developer’s handbook, the new edition is completely revamped based on reader feedback and Jeff’s extensive programming and teaching experience.”

Jeffry Borror has been developing technology solutions for Financial Services for 30 years. After completing his doctorate in mathematics at Columbia University and an initial stint at IBM, Jeff began a managerial career on Wall Street and has worked for a number of major firms in the financial sector. Jeff has taught q to over 500 programmers at his current employer using this book.