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Data-driven Decisions 

A seismic shift is impacting how businesses gain and retain their competitive edge. Digital transformation has super-charged the growth of data from people, sensors and machines. Data is growing at exponential rates – with no slowing in sight. The question is, how do you harness the value of your business data at speed? Accelerate your journey to continuous microsecond decision-intelligence by listening to our podcasts, downloading our playbook and our comprehensive report, The Reality of Real-time Data.



The Microsecond Mindset Podcast Series covers the positive impact technologies like streaming analytics can have on industries as diverse as motor racing to financial services, to the steps and best practices businesses can follow to make the most of investments. Across the first three episodes, we’ll spotlight success stories from companies who are making smart data decisions.

Episode 1

A Big Year Ahead for Streaming Analytics?

To kick-off the show, we’re talking to tech journalist Alex Woodie, who’s been writing about data and computing for nearly 25 years. We asked him how real-time data impacts both consumers and businesses, how it works with other cutting-edge technologies and what needs for happen for this to be the year that real-time takes off at full speed.


Episode 2

The 5 Steps to a
Microsecond Mindset

Everyday, James Corcoran, VP Engineering at KX, helps businesses build a culture and capability around real-time data analytics and continuous intelligence. In this episode, he talks about how businesses can jump aboard the real-time train, walking us through the five steps organizations can take to get the most out of real-time data.


Episode 3

Streaming Analytics
in Action

Listen as Dan Chick, CTO Zipabout, talks about how incorporating real-time analytics revolutionized Zipabout’s business, how the company overcame challenges in adopting a microsecond mindset, and what advice he’d share with fellow businesses looking to achieve data analytics at speed.


Episode 4

How Surveillance Equips Financial Institutions to Maintain Compliance

The volume and velocity of data from our constantly connected society makes it challenging for financial institutions to identify nefarious activity. KX colleagues Sam Stanton-Cook and Enda Gildea share how analyzing trades, quotes, E-comms, and more can provide financial institutions with the visibility they need to avoid fines and reputation hits.


Episode 5

How Access to Real Time Data Empowers Foreign Exchange Trading

For asset managers in the FX space, access to timely, accurate, clear data is critical. We talked to Hugh Whelan, Head EBS Direct Trading Platforms, CME Group, and Rich Kiel, SVP, Global Head of FX Solutions, KX, about what motivates buyside customers to adopt Execution Management Systems (EMS) platforms to take control of complicated workflows.


Episode 6

Data Enables Utilities to Deliver with the Flick of a Switch

To deliver our utilities multiple complex system are at work 24/7 monitoring demand levels, detecting outages, and delivering resources where they’re needed most. Young Ngo, CTO of Survalent, shares how their solutions equip utilities to distribute power to the end users reliably, safely, and cost effectively, and how data drives this capability.


Episode 7

Streaming Analytics and Other Hot Tech on the Block

Gartner report that 75% of business will soon operationalize AI, accelerating data landscape evolution. Conor Twomey, Managing Director of the Americas and Head of Customer Success at KX, discusses how faster, smarter decision making is at the core of businesses goals, whether organizations are focused on data science, the cloud or machine learning.




5 Steps to the Microsecond Mindset

While not every firm needs to be operating at the sub-second level, all data is created in real-time. Our customers tell us that by utilizing data at its optimal value they significantly increase operational and commercial performance and stay ahead of the competition.



Available Now – Full Report.

Download our new report which provides a deeper look into the findings of independent research commissioned by KX to understand the modern data landscape of nearly 600 UK and US data leaders and IT decision-makers working in medium to large enterprises across a variety of industry sectors.

Real-time Pacesetters

While 90% of firms believe that in order to remain competitive over the next three years, they need to increase investment in real-time data analytics solutions, less than one-third (31%) of firms are currently thinking at the second or sub-second level. What can we learn from these sub-second pacesetters and how can we put those learnings into action?



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