KX System Integrators

KX System Integrators are certified partners that deliver transformational business outcomes and digital efficiencies for KX users.

Anthill Advisors
Anthill Advisors
Caspian One
Caspian One has announced a partnership with KX to further strengthen its offering for KX deployments in capital markets while supporting its expansion into other industry sectors.
Data Intellect
KX and Data Intellect have announced a strategic partnership to deliver enhanced services for time series analytics and AI use cases built on kdb+, the industry’s most trusted time series and analytics database, and kdb Insights, the industry’s first Data Timehouse.
DataArt, a global software engineering firm and KX are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at addressing the most pressing customer challenges when migrating real-time analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads to the cloud.
First Derivative
First Derivative is a strategic partner to KX, offering not only expertise and services into KX technologies but extensive managed services for capital markets. Working with 20 petabytes of market data, to designing event processing for sub-millisecond actions, there is one common experience for its clients.
Habla Computing
KX and Treliant have built an alliance to provide consulting and implementation services around KX Insights. The alliance aims to support clients of both organizations with industry-leading implementation and support capabilities for the world’s fastest streaming analytics platform.

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