KX Cloud Partners

KX runs on Microsft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Customers can get a single, seamless experience with deep integrations with our cloud partners globally.

By joining forces, KX and AWS are together redefining technology that optimizes analytic workflows of streaming, vector, and matrix data into a unified, low latency and low complexity stack that supports modern business requirements in the cloud.
This joint solution and native integration combine the power and performance of KX for Streaming Analytics and seamlessly allow users to leverage Databricks Lakehouse environment for both real-time and historical use cases.
Google Cloud
Google Cloud Global Technology Partner of the Year for Financial Services, KX brings the increased efficiencies and scalability of the kdb+ database system to the Google Cloud Platform. Available through Google Cloud Launcher so customers can focus on business success, not procurement.
Microsoft Azure
KX has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Microsoft to expand the reach of the kdb Insights into Azure data pipelines, serving organizations looking to modernize their data infrastructure for real-time decision-making. Kdb Insights Enterprise will be embedded natively on the Microsoft Azure platform.
Production ready time series analytics and vector processing workloads without leaving the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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