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KX CON [23] set out to bring together the industry’s best developers, data engineers and data scientists and create a forum to showcase ground-breaking use cases in vector-based data analytics and Generative AI.

Watch as Ashok Reddy, CEO, KX shares his thoughts on the importance of time series and is joined by Saman Michael Far, VP Financial Services Technology, AWS.

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    Trading Analytics Driving Alpha In Wall Street’s Top Quantitative firms

    • Amazon Finspace with Managed kdb Insights: Tim Griersbach & Vincent Saulys from AWS outline what drove the collaborative partnership with KX and demo Amazon Finspace with kdb Insights
    • High Performance, Real-time Event Processing with PyKX: Mohammad Noor and Oliver Stewart share their journey of integrating PyKX into their kdb framework at Citadel.
    • The Science of Price Impact Modelling: Kevin Webster, Professor, Imperial College outlines how kdb empowers researches to carry out effective and powerful research on price impact.
    • Accelerating Machine Learning with KX: Erin Stanton, Virtu Financial, explains how using kdb has completely transformed the way her team works allowing them to focus on adding value

    Coding At The Speed Of Thought: how to use vector thinking in python to accelerate concepts to production

    • Python for kdb: Listen as Alex Donohoe, TD Securities, talks, about the using the power, cleanliness and conciseness of using kdb and working with Python.
    • Data Capture Challenges: Jonny Press, Data Intellect and Conor Gervin, KX, walk through specific data problems and challenges and show how to address them using kdb.
    • KX Core Developments: Andrew Wilson and Pierre Kovalev, R&D, KX, provide an update on the latest KX core developments.

    Data Science In Action

    • KX & Snowflake: Jeff Lee and Vibhor Batra, Snowflake, explain the progress of the KX and Snowpark integration, and what has been delivered so far.
    • Matching Algorithms in q – An Interactive Presentation: Nick Psaris shares his passion for all things q, coding and algorithms in an interactive session involving KX CON [23] delegates.
    • AI Superheroes in Healthcare: Nataraj Dasgupta, Syneos Healthcare talks about the benefits of KX in healthcare and building low-latency, time series, enterprise solutions.

    Digital Assets: What’s next for the industry?

    • Building Crypto Solutions with kdb: William Mayott, XBTO, provides an overview of how they are using kdb and why more developers should be drinking the kool-aid that is kdb.
    • Blockchains in Trading: Zakariyya Oudrhiri talks about the data driven culture at B2C2 and how they use kdb across the whole business.
    • StratMaker- kdb in Digital Asset: Valmiki Prasad, Anthill Investment Technologies, covers the use of crypto currencies and the context of using kdb in the digital assets space.

    Vector Programming For Data Engineers

    • Liquid Rescaling: Dynamic Programming Approach to Content Aware Image Resizing: Watch Phineas Porter, Jump Trading, as he demonstrates how to use liquid rescaling to resize images dynamically and using next neighbours.
    • Data As a Service: Follow Igor Kantor, PIMCO as he shares the data engineering processes he has used to effectively help teams to maintain data and make it visible to everyone.

    AI At Scale: how to create efficient algorithms and scalable platforms for the AI era

    • q Implementations in Generative AI: Watch as Aaron Davies, Morgan Stanley, shares his thoughts on the importance of the ‘T’ in ChatGPT, and the role of transformers, a type of deep learning model.
    • Algorithms in q: Follow along with Conor Hoekstra, NVIDIA Research and Host of Array Cast as he demonstrates how to use the fundamental built-in functions of q, such as scans, reductions, prior & more to solve problems.
    • Performance Trends STAC-M3: Peter Nabicht, President of STAC, Securities Technology Analysis Center outlines key performance trends and metrics.


    Data Intellect - KX

    Data Intellect is a Global data and technology consultancy firm, with key areas of expertise in financial and capital markets technology solutions. Providing design, build and advisory services across all asset classes, e-trading environments plus enterprise management, regulatory & compliance systems.
    Their wealth of experience in managing front to back-office development requirements across multiple tech systems have established Data Intellect as a trusted partner in the FS industry.

    Citadel Logo KX Con Platinum Sponsor - KX

    Citadel is one of the world’s leading alternative investment managers. We manage capital on behalf of many of the world’s preeminent private, public and nonprofit institutions. We seek the highest and best use of investor capital in order to deliver market leading results and contribute to broader economic growth. For over 30 years, Citadel has cultivated a culture of learning and collaboration among some of the most talented and accomplished investment professionals, researchers, and engineers in the world. Our colleagues are empowered to test their ideas and develop commercial solutions that accelerate their growth and drive real impact. For more information, visit Citadel.com.


    Crux is a cloud-based data integration and operations platform that accelerates the value realization between external and internal data. Crux partners with our customers to ensure they get the data they need, how they need it and where they need it. Its team builds data pipelines at scale and operates over 25K pre-engineered pipelines, delivering public and third-party datasets to the destination of choice. Crux pipelines come with embedded data monitoring, validations, and transformations, and are supported 24/7 by our global operations team. Crux was awarded a Google Cloud Customer Award in 2021 in the Cross-Industry category. Crux works with enterprise clients and is backed by Two Sigma, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Citi, among others.

    Treliant Logo Sponsor - KX

    Treliant’s Capital Markets practice focuses on delivering digital transformations and large scale business or regulatory driven change projects.
    Combining our specialized data and project delivery capabilities, in conjunction with our deep kdb+ engineering skills, we deliver solutions around KX Insights, the industry-leading, real-time streaming data analytics solution, transforming how our financial services customers make decisions, giving them improved time-to-value and faster time-to-market.
    Our KX engineers have many years of experience in developing, deploying, and supporting KX-based applications and mission critical solutions. Our services are delivered both on client site and through our service centers, onshore, nearshore, and offshore.


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