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Tackling Data Challenges with KX and Capco: A Fresh Perspective

30 June 2023 | 4 minutes


One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is the journey from current state to future state. How can companies future proof themselves while ensuring immediate returns on their investments?

Faster, deeper analysis of data, for more precise and insightful decision making is key to meeting this challenge, yet many businesses find themselves at a crossroads; eager to invest in technologies to enable their data scientists, AI experts, and quantitative practitioners to derive greater value from their data but struggling to manage an ever-growing data estate. Added to this is rapidly emerging world of generative AI, bringing with it both disruption and transformation to virtually every industry sector on the planet. Companies are dealing with complex data problems, requiring the ability to manage, combine and analyze disparate data sets, growing ever larger in volume, coming in more and more varieties and at greater velocity.

Additionally, the influence of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations and sustainable investing cannot be overlooked either. Not only are these factors becoming vital to data scientists and quant professionals – with global sustainable assets experiencing a meteoric rise from $5 billion in 2018 to $2.5 trillion by mid-2022 – they are also becoming non-negotiable in procurement discussions around investing in the next generation of data management and analytics technologies.

Set against this backdrop of commercial, operational, and regulatory disruption, how organizations choose to allocate their critical technology resources and organize their data assets will determine their success, and it is here where the combined strengths of KX and Capco, come into play.

Built on Wall Street and counting all the major investment banks as customers, KX’s market-leading technology is now firmly established on Main Street, helping companies in industries as diverse as healthcare, manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, aerospace and automotive run more creative and innovative analytics for transformative business results.

Similarly, Capco has forged a strong reputation across key sectors including energy, insurance, retail, and banking, helping its customer drive digital transformation initiatives that deliver business growth.

Together, KX and Capco are ideally placed to answer rapidly growing customer demand for more accurate, more precise and more timely decisions from the data assets at their disposal, particularly in relation to analytics workloads on temporal (time series) data and vector search using Large Language and Data Models.

Central to the collaboration is KX’s market leading Data Timehouse™ technology, a new class of data & AI management platform designed for temporal data generated by digital transformation. It enriches traditional data warehouse and lakehouse stores for a more complete, real-time view of a business.

Not only does a Data Timehouse enable better decision making at the speed of thought, because it is designed to manage temporal, relational and vector data, it allows for the smarter allocation of technology resources and the better organization of data assets. This is game changing for customer as it reduces complexity and cost while delivering up to 100 x the performance of existing solutions.

For joint financial services clients, Capco and KX are focusing on use cases including fraud identification, recommendation engines for add-on products, right-sized credit facilities, and counterparty risk assessments. Across other vertical markets, use cases include anomaly detection, predictive healthcare, predictive maintenance and dynamic resource provisioning especially in the energy and telecommunications industries.

The application of precise and timely decision making has been incredibly powerful and important, especially within the financial services sector. Working in partnership with KX, our goal is to increase the adoption of its Data Timehouse technology within the financial services sector, identifying new use cases in areas such as retail banking and insurance, where KX hasn’t historically been that strong. Similarly, together we’ll work on opportunities to deliver clear business impact in other industry sectors where we have joint experience and expertise, such as the energy sector. Glenn Kurban, Partner, Data & Analytics, Capco

The emergence of generative AI presents significant opportunities, especially for in sectors where there is a heavy reliance on unstructured data and search. KX recently announced the launch of KDB.AI, a vector database built specifically to enable companies to add the context of time-series data to vector-enabled search across their entire data estates. The addition of time stamped data heralds a new dimension for the vector search space, bringing hitherto unseen levels of context and relevance to searches. With Capco’s expertise in combining innovative thinking with unrivalled industry knowledge, there is an expectation that together, the two companies can fast-track vector-search projects across a broad range of use cases and industries.

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