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    Fintech Surveillance across Multinational Exchanges



    ORGANIZATION  British Multinational Financial Services Company
    GEOGRAPHY Global
    INDUSTRY Financial Services
    EMPLOYEES 85,000

    As a global financial partner, this British multinational banking and financial services company contribute to combating market abuse and insider dealing through its Group Control Room.


    This specialist compliance function provides guidance on information controls and acts as a central clearing house for transaction-related conflict of interests.


    Ensures compliance with Market Abuse and Dodd Frank regulations.

    + 130GB

    Ingests and processes +130GB compressed data per day.


    Simplified, faster and enhanced efficiency of data exchange across 30+ scenarios.


    Ensuring compliance with Market Abuse and Dodd Frank regulations covering trade surveillance, control room, and private banking is critical.

    This multinational financial services company needed a next-generation solution to manage the demands with the experience of managing market regulations.


    WHY KX?

    After a lengthy evaluation across 15 vendors, 3 vendors were short listed; KX, Nasdaq SMARTS and Oracle Mantas.


    KX proved its ability to ingest and process very large data volumes and the capability to implement rapidly to meet compliance deadlines.


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