Solace PubSub+ API for kdb+

29 July 2020 | 1 minute

KX and Solace have long provided complementary capabilities for processing big data. KX enables organizations to ingest, analyze, and store massive amounts of both real-time and historical data using kdb+, while Solace, through its PubSub+ message brokers, enables organizations to efficiently distribute streaming information across myriad protocols, devices and networks. Their mutual benefits have been brought together even more closely in a recent collaboration to develop a PubSub+ API for kdb+ that makes it easier for customers to combine the technologies. 

In a recent blog Himanshu Gupta, Solace solutions architect, outlines the background to the initiative and the capabilities it provides. Among others they include enabling kdb+ to deliver and consume data from other applications more efficiently over a central distribution bus, accessing Solace notifications on network status and data issues and providing replay capabilities to support disaster recovery scenarios.

The blog covers how to download and install the PubSub+/kdb+ API and outlines, with examples, how to progress from initial set-up and publishing topics to setting up guaranteed messaging and request/reply patterns.

The blog can be read in full on this link

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