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    Major telco operator optimizes network coverage for 18 million subscribers with KX 



    ORGANIZATION Major Telecommunications Operator
    GEOGRAPHY Global 
    INDUSTRY Telecommunications
    EMPLOYEES 18,000+

    8X faster than the previous system for data ingestion and a 5X improvement in data processing


    A multinational telecommunications operator, with a subsidiary in Latin America, generates over $8 billion in revenue in this region and covers over 18 million customers across thousands of cell towers. As the world’s largest telecommunications company, it is imperative that seamless connectivity across all networks is well managed and its reputation protected. Its infrastructure, built almost 40 years ago, relies on older systems and technologies. Yet the demands of today push these structures to their limits and makes it difficult to comply to new regulations and the frequent reporting required. This multinational company cannot afford to take any risks with their network operations and reputation in this competitive market.


    Improved network traffic optimization and cell prediction


    Added new network analytics across its network infrastructure



    Enabled real-time actionable insights for faster decision making


    This major telco operator had low visibility into its network infrastructure due to the difficulty of analyzing siloed high-frequency data from its 18 million subscribers.


    Long processing times with minimal analytics led to significant challenges in optimizing the network and detecting potential faults. Compliance reports were frequently delayed, which resulted in fines and damage to its reputation. The operator needed to find a better data solution that could address these shortcomings.

    WHY KX?

    The KX Streaming Analytics solution was chosen due to its real-time performance, scalability, and analytics capabilities. 


    KX was able to ingest, consolidate, and analyze both historic and real-time data to deliver actionable business insights, enriched by context, at speed. Ingestion and processing times were reduced to less than 30 mins for the longest queries – about 5X faster than the previous system for data ingestion and a 5X improvement in data processing. This enabled faster reporting and improvements to their network operation health. In addition, over 40 analytics queries were developed for network traffic predictions, understanding of customer behaviors, and overall network analytics. With KX, this major telecommunication operator now has a clear picture of all inbound and outbound process connections over network interfaces.

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