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KX Whitepaper On Surveillance In The Cloud

5 May 2022 | 2 minutes

To remain in business you need to know, and be able to prove, that your trading activities are compliant with market regulations. But building a trade surveillance solution to do it poses many challenges: terabytes of order and trade data to capture and monitor daily, complex analytics detecting potential market abuses to perform instantly, and ensuring it is done continuously in the face of volatile market conditions and potential hardware failures. That’s why many exchanges, brokers and investment banks select KX for real-time surveillance of their trading behaviour across streaming and historical data to ensure regulatory deadlines are consistently met.

Cloud infrastructure has also made the task easier by providing scaling, elasticity and failover capabilities that increase performance and reliability as needed rather than requiring costly hardware investment that remains largely unused. Luke Britton has recently written a KX whitepaper which shows how Kubernetes, as an open-source orchestration platform, can be used to tap those benefits and how building an application on top of a Kubernetes-centric data platform such as KX Insights helps automate the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications to ensure compliance is achieved more efficiently.

To read the paper in full please click on this link. Thanks to Luke for writing the paper and to the Technical Publications Group in KX for their assistance in reviewing it.

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