KDB.AI Cloud

14 September 2023 | 2 minutes


by Neil Kanungo and Steve Wilcockson

This week, KX made KDB.AI Cloud generally available, a vector database for real-time contextual AI, that enhances Natural Language Processing and Generative AI search applications with relevancy at scale.

Read the KX announcement: KX Announces KDB.AI Cloud: The Free, Smarter Vector Database for AI.

Unique among vector databases, KDB.AI Cloud enables developers to bring temporal and semantic context and relevancy to their AI-powered application. KDB.AI Cloud works seamlessly with popular LLMs and machine learning workflows and tools, including LangChain and ChatGPT, while native support for Python and RESTful APIs means developers can perform common operations like data ingestion, search, and analytics using their preferred applications and languages.

Sign up for free for our Starter Edition. Within minutes, you’ll be performing contextual search with time-based and semantic relevancy.

Follow examples, with code, at the KDB.AI Learning hub.

Also on the KDB.AI Learning hub, explore industry use cases for practical applications:

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