Kx Systems

How to buy.


Kx's kdb+ database, and its powerful programming language q, provide a comprehensive Big Data analytics platform. Kx has a simple per core licensing model which offers flexibility and discounts at scale.

Start Pack

A Start Pack purchase allows new customers to begin with a smaller upfront commitment. This option has proven attractive for users unfamiliar with kdb+ or those working in smaller firms. Customers who elect to convert their Start Pack annual license to a standard non-expiring license at the end of the first year are eligible for a discount on the non-expiring fee.

Please to learn more about either of these options.

If you have already contacted a Kx sales representative and have a username and password, you may begin your purchase.

Free Trial

The q language.
It's easier than you think.

The 32-bit version of kdb+ is freely available for use, and is ideal for learning the q programming language.