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Current Issue: Fall 2015

Customer News
Kx is proud to announce that the SEC has become a customer. Read more here.

Congratulations to our ​long-term customer 1010data. Recently they were acquired by Advance/Newhouse for $500 million. 1010data used Kx's k programming language to build their cloud-based platform for analyzing massive amounts of data.

Company News
Mark Sykes joined Kx in July as Global Market Strategist. Mark has been a senior executive and chief architect of enterprise trading and technology systems at some of the largest world banks. He will be based in London.

The 32-bit version of kdb+ can now be used in a commercial environment ONLY for proof of concept applications, development, or in cases where permission is explicitly granted by Kx. Please contact if you are a current customer who would like to use it in production.

Kx majority shareholder First Derivatives recently announced the formation of FD Labs. Dave Thomas will become FD's Chief Scientist, and Dr. Brian Barry will head FD Labs. Read more here.

Let's All Get Together!
Kx is planning to host another International User Conference ​in May​ 2016.

It will be held at a venue relatively near New York City. Location and dates will be announced soon.

Kx Events
We will be at the following upcoming industry events:

• 24 Sept 2015 P&L Forex Chicago, Kx joins First Derivatives who is an exhibitor
• 28 Oct 2015 Museum of Finance, Kx is the reception sponsor
• 3-5 Nov 2015 FIA Chicago, Kx is an exhibitor
• 5 Nov 2015 Datalead Paris, Mark Sykes speaks on a panel

To meet someone from Kx at these events, please reach out to us at .

Academic Users
Several universities have recently acquired academic licenses for kdb+ for research and teaching:

• Baruch College - The City University of New York
• The Icare Research Institute in Switzerland
• The University of Virginia

If you know a university interested in using kdb+, please contact .

Stanford University's Quantitative Finance Program, based in Hong Kong, has made FD an official recruiter. Successful candidates will receive three months of training at FD's Northern Ireland headquarters.

Community Update
In July Nick Psaris, author of Q Tips: Fast, Scalable and Maintainable kdb+, spoke at theKx Community NYC Meetup and judged a kdb+ coding contest. 

Also in July, Nataraj Dasgupta spoke at the Kx Community Bangalore Meetup. Bangalore is one of the largest Kx Community Meetups, with 90 members.

Kx Community Meetups are now in 61 cities with over 5,000 members worldwide. If you are interested in presenting at a Meetup in a city near you, please contact .

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