KX Joins Forces with Lockheed Martin UK in ‘Alliance’ Collaboration

5 June 2023 | 4 minutes

LONDON – June 5, 2023 – KX, maker of kdb+ the industry’s most trusted data timehouse and the KDB.AI vector database, has joined forces with Lockheed Martin UK for ‘Alliance’, a collaboration of leading UK-based firms aiming to deliver a winning proposal for the British Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP).

CTTP is a major project designed to replace the Army’s existing disparate training systems with an integrated, digitalised system that can rapidly deliver tailored, on-demand training to forces anywhere across the globe.

Combining strategic strength with true business agility, the Alliance collaboration proposes an evolutionary, adaptable, and globally deployable training system hardwired for data capture. Built on the proposition that data is a strategic tool that is currently not being fully exploited, this interoperable, fully integrated system would give the British Army the ability to rapidly design and deliver tailored training events to match specific needs while also streamlining IT systems and reducing cost.

KX Has Joined Forces With Lockheed Martin UK for Alliance - KX

An essential part of Alliance, KX is uniquely positioned to provide the total data capture and analytics solution needed for this challenge. Its market-leading time series, vector database and Data Timehouse technologies are proven in high-stakes production environments, including financial services, healthcare, aerospace and Formula One. Moreover, its vector-native technology is extremely well suited for the high-performance data management and analytics required to run Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning workloads, central to the Alliance’s goal of developing user-specific training.

Gary Connolly, Vice President Defence, Space and Aerospace at KX: “The successful delivery of next generation training relies on the combined analysis of varied and disparate types of data to generate insights that can be used to rapidly develop and deliver tailored training programs. Whether real-time data from the field and synthetic environments or historical data from previous training exercises and other contextual datasets, our unique technical expertise and real-world experience is critical in Alliance delivering a new standard in military training.”

Dawn Harrison – Head of Training and Logistics Solutions UK: “Alliance is a UK-based collaboration, bringing together extensive experience understanding the past, the present and bringing thought leadership to shape and define the future of collective training. With our combined expertise and vision, Alliance is poised to advance military training into the future, delivering a transformative system for long-term value.’

Making the announcement at DSET 2023, the leading conference for Defence, Simulation, Education and Training, KX joins Lockheed Martin UK, Cubic, 4GD, Ravenswood Solutions, Splunk, and Turner & Townsend as part of the Alliance collaboration. For more information please visit this link.

The award of the Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP) is due in 2025 with a contract valued at more than £800 million for the first decade, plus an extra £200 million for initial programme delivery.

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