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Research Report:
Why Telcos need to capture the edge opportunity now


In this report, STL Partners consultants Matt Bamforth and Grace Donnelly address the gap between operators’ excitement around edge and the ability to monetize these offerings to date. They outline the key strategies operators can pursue to accelerate their go-to-market and build edge revenues in the short term.

Download the report today to understand:
  • why the market for telco edge computing is now
  • what telecoms operators should do next
  • the value of partnerships for success at the edge

STL Partners 100 edge companies to watch in 2022

KX is proud to be listed with a position in edge value chain: Application/Software (Analytics & APIs); Integration & Services (Professional services).

Why Telcos need to capture the edge opportunity now

This report – sponsored by KX – leverages the findings of an interview program with operators and enterprises to learn why the commercialization of edge has been slow to date, why the time is ripe now, and what operators need to do to develop a clear strategy to take services to market.

Key takeaway: Telcos must take a pragmatic approach!

A key factor for success across both strategies will be to build capabilities that match customer needs, much of which are outside Telcos’ core capabilities today – requiring partnerships with players across different parts of the value chain.