Kx featured on 2018 IoT Landscape Map

7 Mar 2018 | , ,
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First Mark Capital‘s Matt Turck has been talking about the growth of both the Big Data and the Internet of Things ecosystems for several years in his blog and elsewhere. An outgrowth of this interest has been his creation of graphic “maps” of both the Big Data landscape and the Internet of Things landscape that portray all of the significant players in those markets in a particular year. Subsequent versions of Matt’s maps, which are published annually, show the speed of change of IoT technologies and approaches, especially for managing and analyzing large datasets generated by IoT devices.

The latest edition of the 2018 IoT Landscape features Kx in the Platforms/Analytics section, a recognition that companies with high volumes of streaming, real-time and historical sensor data are increasingly turning to Kx because of our high-performance database platform kdb+. Kdb+ was designed from the start to manage low-latency and high-volume event processing on extremely large datasets.

An example of how Kx technology is playing a role in Industry 4.0 is the use of Kx technology for IoT precision manufacturing by a Fortune 500 software engineering company. This firm supplies equipment, services, and software to high-tech manufacturers. With Kx they find that their manufacturing software systems can handle millions of sensor readings per second, an order of magnitude faster than customary industry standards. With kdb+, this manufacturer is able to stay ahead of the competition.

As more data is generated by more sensors in the IoT landscape the need for high performance analytics on extremely large datasets is going to continue to grow. We expect that expanding use of kdb+ in this marketplace will continue to put us on the map.


Signal processing in kdb+

Signal processing with kdb+

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In the latest in our ongoing series of kdb+ technical white papers published on the Kx Developer’s site, Kx engineer Callum Biggs examines how kdb+/q can be used instead of popular software-based signal processing solutions. Signal processing is used for analyzing observable events, such as IoT sensor data, sounds, images and other types of pulses […]

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Kx Ventures is a strategic technology partner for entrepreneurs and companies seeking to build or grow disruptive technologies. Shannon Jones is based in London and is part of the Kx Ventures team which is actively evaluating candidate start-ups and other types of companies for partnerships with Kx and its parent, First Derivatives plc (FD) globally. In this blog Shannon shares current insights from the investors’ point of view about the who, what and why behind technology innovation in the marketplace today.  

Kx Insights: Machine learning subject matter experts in semiconductor manufacturing

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Subject matter experts are needed for ML projects since generalist data scientists cannot be expected to be fully conversant with the context, details, and specifics of problems across all industries. The challenges are often domain-specific and require considerable industry background to fully contextualize and address. For that reason, successful projects are typically those that adopt a teamwork approach bringing together the strengths of data scientists and subject matter experts. Where data scientists bring generic analytics and coding capabilities, Subject matter experts provide specialized insights in three crucial areas: identifying the right problem, using the right data, and getting the right answers.