KX and DataRobot: Modernizing Financial Markets with AI-Driven Forecasting

19 November 2019 | 2 minutes

By John Rooney

Today we are highlighting an article by Jay Schuren, General Manager of Time-Series activities at DataRobot, following on from the news of our new partnership with DataRobot.   We are excited that through the combination of our time-series technologies, KX and DataRobot have developed a combined solution that accelerates market players’ ability to draw inferences and build time-aware machine learning models that can make extremely fast and accurate predictions. Firms deploying DataRobot and KX time-series solutions together stand to gain immediate and unprecedented scale and speed benefits over rival firms.

Faster, Stronger and Better Solutions

Jay’s article outlines how time-aware AI can be used to leverage market data, overcome the cumbersome obstacles of traditional methods and technologies and eliminate the barriers to building and scaling AI-driven investment decision workflows. The pursuit of faster, stronger and better solutions and applications is something that we are all striving for.

Jay describes how DataRobot’s Automated Time Series solution combined with the speed of kdb+, is allowing clients to build, deploy, monitor, and manage sophisticated time-aware machine learning models and AI applications quickly and easily. These can be deployed across all asset classes with use cases in key activities, including research, sales, trading, operations, risk management, compliance, and surveillance.

Importantly the article emphasizes that it’s not just speed that counts but also the level of accuracy that data science teams can achieve with automatic detection and implementation of time series modeling best practices and utilizing advanced algorithms and IP for forecasting with guardrails.

This version is being reposted with permission from www.datarobot.com.

You can read Jay’s full article here. You can also request to see a demo of our combined solution.

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