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Kx’s OEM customers build on the kdb+ platform to develop powerful, innovative, and efficient
solutions for their customers across a wide range of industries. (Please note that clicking on
these names will open a new window for that company’s website.)

1010 Data

1010data www.1010data.com

1010data offers a revolutionary, high-performance, user-friendly, web-based service for analyzing and managing data. Read the Kx case study.


Appian www.appian.com

Appian leads the market in BPM innovation, delivering solutions to businesses and governments worldwide. Read the Kx case study.


Bedarra Research Labs www.bedarra.com

Bedarra Research Labs is a private industrial research lab whose mission is to explore applications of next generation computing and communication technologies.


Conning www.conning.com

Conning is a leading provider of knowledge-based investment and insurance expertise to the insurance industry.


Datawatch www.datawatch.com

Datawatch Corporation is a leader in visual data discovery software that optimizes any data – regardless of its variety, volume, or velocity – delivering next generation analytics to reveal valuable insights for improving business.

First Derivatives

First Derivatives www.firstderivatives.com

The First Derivatives Delta product range is a high performance modular suite of Trading, Risk Management, Market Data and Analysis applications ranging in functionality up to a full end-to-end Low Latency Algorithmic Trading platform. Read the Kx case study.


Guosen www.guosen.co.cn

Guosen Securities Co., Ltd. is a top-tier Chinese financial services firm, providing millions of investors and clients with brokerage, investment banking, asset management and research services.