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kdb+: The world’s most powerful number cruncher.

kdb+'s elegantly designed single-platform, high-performance database is made more powerful by its expressive query language, q.

  • Supports real-time analysis of billions of records and fast access to terabytes of historical data.
  • Top ranked in STAC M-3 benchmark testing.
  • Runs on industry standard 64-bit server platforms.
  • Has an extremely small footprint, which makes installation and maintenance fast and straightforward.
  • Incorporates a simple API for easy connectivity to external systems and modules.
  • Provides virtually unlimited room for growth.

What's more, the coherence and simplicity of the current kdb+ ecosystem means that kdb+ programmers are able to be more efficient than developers in other, more traditional languages, contributing to a lower cost of system ownership.



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The q language.
It's easier than you think.

The 32-bit version of kdb+ is freely available for use, and is ideal for learning the q programming language.