What will I learn?

The focus of this workshop is on the practical usage that is commonly seen when using q/kdb+. You will learn the skills to query large tables, combine tables using bitemporal joins and how to write your own functions.

This workshop highlights the advantages of using q/kdb+ and its API's to analyze massive data sets, and extract information to drive business decisions.


This workshop contains a practical introduction to the following topics:

  • Lesson 1: qSQL
  • Lesson 2: Joins
  • Lesson 3: Data
  • Lesson 4: Functions
  • Lesson 5: Loading Data & IPC

Who is this course suitable for?

Aimed at complete beginners to kdb+/q. No prior experience required. For users who want to get the basics of the q language enough to be able to query kdb+ data effectively.

What do I receive for taking this course?

You will receive a KX Certification to state that you have attended and completed the course. This is dependent on achieving a grade of 70% or above in the final quiz.

Feel free to show off and share your certification on social media or LinkedIn!

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Course Details
Duration 3 hours
Type q/kdb+
Level Beginner
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