What will I learn?

This course delves into the foundation concepts of q/kdb+ in which allows a kdb+ developer to manage, transform and manipulate the data to get useful insights.

On completion, a developer will be equipped with the skills that are required to ingest, analyze and save data to disk.


This course contains an introduction to the following modules:

  • Course 1: Atoms & Primitives
  • Course 2: Lists
  • Course 3: String Manipulation
  • Course 4: Casting
  • Course 5: Functions
  • Course 6: Iterators
  • Course 7: Execution Control
  • Course 8: Scripting & Logging
  • Course 9: Dictionaries
  • Course 10: Tables
  • Course 11: Queries - qSQL
  • Course 12: Tables Joins
  • Course 13: Working with Files

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is designed for developers that have briefly dabbled in q/kdb+ or have never used it before.

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Course Details
Duration 5 min
Type q/kdb+
Level Beginner
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