Kdb+ Training Overview

As we monitor the ongoing global situation regarding COVID-19, we have decided to host our workshops and training on a digital platform to continue to deliver our training to the Kx Community worldwide.

We offer four public kdb+ Training courses and custom on-site courses globally. Our public training courses are run over three days and our custom courses can be tailored to meet individual needs and requirements.

Kdb+ Fundamentals - An introductory level course for people who want to learn about kdb+ and the principles of vector programming. Developers who complete this course will be fully able to use kdb+ to manage data from multiple data sources and interact with both in memory and on disk kdb+ installations.

Kdb+ Advanced - An advanced course geared towards developers with a grounding in kdb+. This class gives developers a deeper understanding of how kdb+ works and how to use some of its more powerful features. It focuses on tuning and getting maximum performance out of kdb+ applications.

Kdb+ Advanced for Data Analysis - This course focuses on profiling, debugging and enabling rapid strategy development using kdb+.

Kdb+ Advanced for DBA - This course focuses on the structure of kdb+ databases and associated maintenance tasks for designing data models to intra-day updates on existing tables.

For more information regarding pricing and workshop agenda, please complete the form adjacent and a member of the Kx Training Team will get back to you.


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