NASA Frontier Development Lab 2018

Kx is delighted to once more be partnering with the NASA Frontier Development Laboratory team on two exciting challenges facing the space sector. This follows on from last year’s successful solar activity detection work, which resulted in the ‘FlareNet’ tool (supported by Kx and Lockheed Martin) that demonstrated the potential for AI assisted solar weather prediction.
  • Challenge one, related to space weather, will be to include the application of Global Navigation Satellite Systems data as a tool for monitoring solar activity and ionospheric modelling.
  • The second challenge centres on searching for planets that orbit around other stars, termed Exoplanets, using data from the brand new NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).
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NASA Frontier Development Lab 2018


The evolution and new era of the space sector is seeing data volumes grow exponentially as sensor platforms provide an unprecedented wealth of information relating to the world and universe in which we reside. Data from sensor technology will generate new ways to garner knowledge and intelligence from multiple terrestrial and space-based telemetric sources in real time. But a major challenge is how to capture and process all that data!
Kx for Space provides a platform for developing solutions ranging from real time alert management, in-orbit telemetry to health monitoring of systems in operation or under test. Click the link below to read about Kx in NASA Frontier Lab's Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Proceedings Report

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