ESA has signed a letter of intent with Kx parent, First Derivatives (FD) plc, to foster the development of disruptive applications in the commercial space market by assisting innovative start-ups that are seeking to use Kx Technology as a platform for big data analytics. Click here to read more

Kx for Space

Kx for Space, powered by the world’s fastest time-series, in-memory and columnar database, provides a new platform and interface through which to access, and process, space data. Kx for Space is a high-performance, low latency data management platform with the ability to rapidly capture, analyze, store and visualize voluminous and varying datasets.

While Kx for Space is an industry agnostic solution which has the capability to provide actionable business insights across verticals, Kx is committed to becoming the synonymous software technology of the space sector.

Through the Kx Technology Fund, Kx for Space is accessible not only for established traditional and incumbent space companies, but also for startups and SMEs with the vision to disrupt a rapidly evolving global space industry. For more information, Click here .

Earth Observation
  • With Kx technology already a global leader in the financial sector, Kx for Space provides a new solution for the processing of massive data volumes from multiple sources in the shortest time possible – a feature critical for time sensitive decision making.
  • Kx can support the interpretation and management of geospatial information across multiple sources including satellites, UAVs and High Altitude Platforms.
  • Kx enables the processing and compression of information at source, either in-orbit or on the ground.
  • Kx is capable of handling and rapidly processing petabytes of remote sensing data. This may facilitate observation of the Earth using a continuous, time-series analysis of satellite information.
  • HTML5 dashboards allow for significant modelling, simulation, and visualization of data, allowing users to extract the most from their data sources.
Geospatial Data Analytics
  • Kx for Space can be used to monitor, detect, and assess changes in natural and built environments.
  • Geographical changes can be detected in real-time and predicted through the use of algorithmic modelling.
  • Kx has the power to enhance or reveal insights for feature extraction and change detection to levels previously unreachable.
  • Societal benefits include timely and efficient deployment of emergency responders and resources.
  • Kx can analyze real-time, or historical, satellite imagery for commercial purposes including retail analytics, optimization of food production and dynamic insurance pricing.
Predictive Maintenance
  • With its superior columnar-structured time-series database, Kx facilitates scaling of thousands, to hundreds of millions of sensors, at any measurement frequency, whilst maintaining extremely high levels of performance.
  • Time-series analysis of satellite information during manufacturing, through testing, and in operation may provide a competitive advantage.
  • Data from satellites, ground segment and in-orbit, may be used to identify faults, predict potential failures, and plan maintenance – therefore, maximizing satellite life span and up time.
  • Performance may be analyzed in real time and the data fed into predictive and machine learning models, providing unique insights.
Edge Analytics
  • Kx can perform analytics at the point of data collection, recording only data determined useful by on-board sensors.
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) can be performed on the data drawn in from these sensors on the ‘edge’ with sub-millisecond CEP latencies.
  • Due to its small footprint (500kb), Kx can perform CEP and store data locally when installed, allowing for rapid on-board processing.
  • Data processing in real time allows immediate investigation and reduced response times.
Innovative Applications
  • Kx facilitates innovative applications which can be leveraged across a variety of industries, such as retail and telecommunications, among others.
  • Telcos, using the rich visualizations provided by Kx data processing, can map network connectivity on local, national, and international levels, enabling improved network distribution management.
  • Kx allows for the analysis and visualization of massive datasets, resulting in a staggering range of applications including climate modelling, land monitoring, oceanography, and global natural resource management.
  • Kx offers personalized dashboards, which can be adapted to meet end-user requirements.