Using a three-step approach, our customer journey solutions enable businesses to understand actual customer engagement aligned to missions and needs and not as an operational process flow.

  1. Define & Map – Step one delivers a full data and insight audit that defines current processes, collaboratively identifies customer engagement touch-points and creates multi-channel customer journeys mapped against customer missions and needs. In the final part of this step, we align these outcomes against current processes and identify gaps in both operational structure and data strategy.
  2. Measure & Prioritize – Step two maps customer journeys and mission frameworks to internal business data sources to help validate through data & analytics. Additionally, we help you to develop customer value models to understand the commercial impact of customer experience and help your business prioritize customer journey improvement and the drivers within.
  3. Monitor & Track – Step three involves us building BI solutions to allow you to track and monitor customer experience metrics, in real-time, connecting insight and data, to enable effective and timely implementation of your CX strategy.


Using our ‘in one place’ data and analytics platform we can connect to your existing data and insight, blend it with other data and apply AI and ML, giving retailers the capability to personalize and optimize customer experiences in real-time.

  1. Powerful Data Management Platform – Our core technology, kdb+ has been consistently benchmarked as one of the worlds leading time-series databases. The single-stack platform for data streaming, processing, storage, and control enables holistic, omnichannel big data management with flexibility for integrating into current infrastructure whether edge, cloud or on-premise.
  2. Analytics Engine & BI Tool – Our proprietary analytics engine for querying and data science is a direct function of the core database, which means machine learning algorithms can be built on, and applied to, any scale of data at unparalleled speeds. Our BI platform also sits directly on the raw data, enabling rich, real-time visualizations without the need for data aggregation and manipulation no matter how big, or how historical the data is.


Customer engagement is critical to shopper loyalty. Once you fully understand your shopper journeys we can help you optimize the next best action to ensure you personalize the experiences to the individual. Our Next Best Action decision engine connects your data to enhance shopper experience through:

  • Next Best Engagement – quickly classify your shoppers to understand your next best engagement. Whether that is to reduce the risk of churn, or reward loyalty, we can help you to define the engagement, personalized to the individual, that will drive the greatest uplift in sales.
  • Next Best Product – As shoppers browse your website and store, we can help you to leverage full historical and real-time data to enable you to drive basket spend through tailored products that compliment shopper's needs and interests.
  • Next Best Offer – maximize sales and margin by targeting offers when they will have the biggest impact, and improving margin through removing ineffective discounts.


  • Browsing Data
  • Brand Awareness
  • Performance Media
  • EPOS & Sales
  • Clickstream Data
  • Basket Data
  • Segmentations
  • Engagement Data
  • Loyalty Data
  • CX & NPS
  • Marketing Data
  • Promo Data
  • Inventory
  • Pricing Data
  • Market Data


Kx solutions are world renowned for our ultra-fast speed and extreme performance when it comes to building big data warehouses, analytical tools and rich visualisation platforms. Kx focusses not only on building these solutions but providing expert retail consultancy and data science alongside to integrate in to businesses and build simple and usable tools.

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  • Data Science

  • Solutions

The kdb+ time-series database, at the core of Kx Technology, is renowned for its computational speed and performance, as well as the simplicity of its architecture for large-scale data analytics.

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