Kx for Manufacturing

Kx for Manufacturing provides a high-performance, cost-effective sensor data historian and analytics platform. It is a platform for ingesting, processing, and analyzing real-time, streaming and historical data from industrial equipment sensors and enterprise systems.

Powered by the world’s fastest time-series in-memory and columnar database, Kx is able to handle millions of events and measurements per second, gigabytes to petabytes of historical data, with nanosecond resolution, more efficiently and cost-effectively than any available alternatives — thus accelerating your evolution into Industry 4.0.

Kx is a single integrated software platform enabling quick, easy implementation and low TCO. It can be deployed on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid configuration to suit client and regulatory needs.


The ever-increasing number of connected devices, sensors and tags in the manufacturing process is creating a colossal amount of data for organizations to process, analyze and store. Most current manufacturing execution systems struggle with the bottlenecks which emanate from this new abundance of data.

With its superior columnar-structured time-series database and q, its integrated query language, Kx can allow you to scale anywhere from thousands to hundreds of millions of sensors, at any measurement frequency whilst maintaining extremely high levels of performance.

  • Ingest and process 4.5 million sensor measurements and events per second per core
  • Aggregate billions of measurement records in seconds.
  • Fulfill query responses in microseconds
  • Store and analyze trillions of records
  • Scale both vertically and horizontally
  • Provide alerts, reports, and analysis on streaming and historical data
  • Visualize your data with Dashboards for Kx
  • A comprehensive suite of graphical tools with powerful OLAP drill-down capabilities
  • Capture, analyze and store high frequency time-series data from thousands of sensors to compare with historical data for fault and anomaly detection
  • Combine historical and real-time data to make decisions from multiple streams
  • Support any sensor measurement, measurement frequency, tags and attributes, with nanosecond precision and time-based aggregations
Industrial IoT
  • Analyze data from machines and entire plants to identify faults, predict potential failures, plan maintenance to maximize up-time and throughput
  • Assess the performance of entire plants and machines in real-time and feed data into predictive and machine learning models
  • Support sensors generating measurements and events a few times to millions of times per second
  • Make data and analytics available to ERP and asset management systems
  • Kx technology integrates with legacy systems and multiple data sources, allowing you to either augment or replace existing historians
  • A connector framework simplifies integration and coexistence with your existing manufacturing systems, including MES, ERP, and SPC
  • Transition from your current historian to the world’s fastest; make existing bottlenecks and latency issues a thing of the past
  • APIs for .NET, Java, C, C++, Python, R, ODBC, Matlab and Excel
  • Perform analytics at the point where data is collected. Only collecting the data which has been determined to be useful by the tag or sensor
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) can be performed on the data drawn in from these sensors on the ‘edge’ with sub-millisecond CEP latencies
  • Data can be forwarded securely to a centralized location for consolidated analysis and situational awareness
  • Due to its light footprint (500kb), Kx can perform CEP and store data locally when installed on smaller appliances and industrial IoT gateways


IIoT with kdb+ and Kx technology

Kx Insights: Sensor Data Storage for Industrial IoT

7 Jul 2017 | , , , , , , ,

Businesses adopting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies face a herculean task. In an industry where the number of connected devices and equipment is increasing exponentially, the amount of operational data coming online which must be analyzed and stored rises in tandem.
Though many industrial businesses utilizing traditional database management systems find themselves drowning in the sheer volume of sensor data they are producing, those who are forward-looking are turning towards new platforms to help manage their data and, in turn, reduce costs and improve overall performance.

Kx technology for manufacturing IoT

IoT Analytics: How Kx can Supercharge your Legacy Systems

23 May 2017 | , , , , , ,

If your company is not already drowning in data now, it will be soon. Gartner Inc. forecasts that 8.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide in 2017, up 31 percent from 2016, and will reach 20.4 billion by 2020. In 2017, 6 million new things will be connected every day. Each one of them will transmit a stream of data, adding up to sensor data volumes that will dwarf today’s volumes. How your business uses this streaming data to compete in the market may determine its long-term success within the world of Industrial IoT.

Edge Analytics and IoT – How Kx is Revolutionizing Manufacturing from the Edge

27 Mar 2017 | , , , , , , , ,

Edge analytics is a method of data analysis and collection that allows an automated analytical computation to be performed on a tag or sensor rather than having all of the ingested data sent back to a centralized data warehouse before being acted upon. Manufacturing is an industry which requires real-time action on analytics at their source. This is a challenge which Kx excels at.