Kx for Algos is an algorithmic trading solution designed for capital markets participants. It provides buy side and sell side institutions with the tools to research, engineer, backtest and deploy a wide range of trading and risk management strategies. Kx for Algos is a modular system covering the complete trade life cycle, and is used by portfolio managers, trading desks and risk managers across the capital markets industry.


Kx for Algos includes a powerful backtesting module for rapid testing of trading strategies and order execution methods in the pursuit of quality P&L. Candidate algorithms can be tested on historical data to allow traders to better evaluate how a strategy will perform, using real data for accurate scenarios. Transaction costs, slippage assumptions and market shocks can be applied in order to evaluate algorithm performance under realistic and varying market conditions.

Risk & Analytics

Kx for Algos provides a library of risk analytics that can be used and extended for comprehensive hedging and risk management. Position, P&L and order rate limits are enforced on a per trader, instrument and market basis, with pre and post trade credit checks also available. In addition, Kx for Algos includes a rich analytics development environment which allows advanced users to generate alpha signals from market data trend analysis.


Kx for Algos is natively connected to all major third-party data vendors, exchanges and liquidity providers. From standard market data feeds to low latency collocated adaptors, Kx for Algos provides a range of connectivity options to suit each deployment. Bidirectional connectivity allows for automated order entry as well as tick data capture.

Strategy Management

Strategies can be controlled in test and live environments using the Kx for Algos Trader Dashboard. From strategy selection to parameterisation, the dashboard provides traders with the tools necessary to monitor and alter the behaviour of automated trading strategies in real-time.